Gugler is a global supplier of Water (Kaplan, Francis and Pelton) turbines as well as the complete electromechanical equipment used for small hydropower plants. We supply all types of turbines up to an output of 20 MW. Standardized design, highest efficiency and precision workmanship guarantee exceptional profitability throughout the entire lifetime of the plant.

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Gewerbeweg 3 , Goldwörth , A-4100 Austria

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Energy - Hydro Power
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Globally (various continents)
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


GUGLER Water Turbines GmbH is a family enterprise whose members have been engaged for the last three generations in the development and the supply of water turbines and small hydropower plants.

We belong worldwide to the technological leading suppliers of water turbines (Kaplan-, Pelton- and Francis Turbines) with an output ranging between 5 kW to 10 MW.

Apart from the turbines, governors, control and monitoring systems and hydraulic steel structures we also supply the entire electromechanical equipment for hydropower plants. For the manufacturing of the various components we have a network of proven and reliable partners at our disposal.

We are among the few companies in our business segment which are in the position to supply all types of water turbines as well as complete equipment for hydropower plants on a turn-key basis. Hence the client obtains everything from a single source; from the design, delivery, installation and commissioning up to after sales services.

However, we do not confine ourselves only to the supply of new plants but modernize also existing hydropower plants. We have gained valuable experience of many years in operating our own hydropower plants which is now reflected in the operator-friendly design of our hydropower technologies.

GUGLER hydropower plants contribute to generate clean power from water in many countries of the world.


We want to contribute significantly in achieving worldwide an economical utilization of small hydropower by means of optimally adapted plant technologies in accordance with ecology.


We aim to rank among the technological leading suppliers of cost effective and durable hydropower technologies for small hydropower plants, which allow our clients to generate profitably electric energy from hydropower and our shareholder to achieve an adequate return on their investment.