HP High Pressure s.r.l.

HP High Pressure s.r.l.

Since 1995 HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL produces, on a 2500 sqm productive area in south of Milan a wide range of manual semi-automatic and fully automatic reverse osmosis watermakers, from 35 up to 3000lt/h in the standard series. The units are available with DC 12/24V tension supply or AC in all the standard voltages. Using the battery system for sailboats and the Generator system for Yachts and Mega-Yachts. HP HIGH PRESSURE SRL is ISO 9001 certified (EQA UKAS) and designs by 3D Autodesk Inventor all the plants produced in its facility, taking care of all the details. HP manufactures the 90% of the machines components in the Zibido San Giacomo factory. To face all the more exigent quality standards, each of the watermakers produced is tested accurately before the shipment. The warranty is valid at our retailers and technical assistance network around the world.

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Via Fratelli Cervi, 16 , Zibido , San Giacomo MI 20080 Italy

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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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The thermal energy recovery system of the electrics motors (HP TERS – Patent HP 2002), cooling the electric motors with the sea water feeding the system, pre-heats the seawater incoming on the membrane, rendering the membranes more productive at the same salinity and pressure level.

In the last years the on board electronics made wide steps on. All the automatic-series systems can be easily used even in the manual system, even in case one of the machine components failed. HP watermakers are equipped with the best electronics available on the market.

Therefore from January 2007 all the RP TRONIC HP plants will be able to communicate with all the monitoring systems on board by adopting a MODBUS protocol, programmed in the HP LOGIC. So finally the watermakers will be integrated to the computerized management systems of the boats.

Since 2008 are available the new watermakers with the custom membranes of 3.15 inch X 40 which have revolutioned the watermakers production rendering more efficient the 140 and 260 lt/h standard series, best sellers of HP brand.

HP DEMI 5, is a portable softening system, which allows to clean the boats with no spots on windows and hulls, and HP IN LINE FILTERS are available since 2009.

HP WATERMAKERS renovates the HP SC serie, introducing the newest models HP SC330 (330 lt/h) and HP SC440 (440 lt/h), which in the same overall dimensions, able to produce higher capacities of water thanks to the 3.15 X 40 exclusive membranes and axial pistons pumps, which are granting an extraordinary productivity.

All the HP plants are covered by a 3 years warranty on the functioning and on the corrosion for each single item assembled in the machine.

Since 2008 a branch of HP WATERMAKER is active in Dubai covering the Middle East market and since 2014 the new branch HP WATERMAKERS Maldives is active with a workshop in Male, the capital city of Maldives, dedicated to the Indian Ocean Market.