IDE Technologies

IDE Technologies

A world leader in water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced desalination and industrial water treatment plants. IDE believes in partnership with customers. Partnership is about applying nearly 50 years of ground-breaking advances in water treatment technologies to serve your needs. Partnership is about delivering projects on schedule, within budget and above specifications, while adhering to strict health, safety and environmental regulations. Partnership is about bringing added value in technological innovation by highly committed people. IDE works with its partners to deliver full satisfaction.

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Hamatechet St. Hasharon Industrial Park, P.O. Box 5016 , Kadima , 6092000 Israel
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

The people and the company behind the latest water treatment plants and technologies

A world leader in water treatment solutions, IDE specializes in the development, engineering, construction and operation of enhanced desalination and industrial water treatment plants.

Leading The Water Industry

IDE leads the water industry with some of the world’s most advanced thermal and membrane desalination plants. We provide small to large cost-effective desalination solutions, such as IDE PROGREENTM, a modular, chemical-free reverse osmosis ‘plant in a box’, and we have an especially well-proven track record in large-scale membrane and thermal desalination, including some of the largest plants worldwide, (e.g. in China, India, US, Australia and Israel). IDE also has a proven experience in ground-breaking industrial water treatment plants that deliver a reliable, sustainable and economical solution for industry.

Developing Solutions For Tomorrow

IDE is developing a growing portfolio of economic green water treatment solutions for municipalities and industry – especially in the areas of desalination, industrial water and wastewater treatment. In creating customized, end-to-end solutions for its customers, IDE leverages its proprietary technologies and skills in project management, operations, support and financing, all built through close to 50 years of leadership in the water industry.

Partnering For Success

IDE works in partnership with a wide range of customers – municipalities, oil & gas, mining, refineries and power stations – on all aspects of water projects, and delivers approximately 3 million m3/day of high quality water worldwide. Each project and customer has its unique requirements and challenges that IDE strives to meet. Our track record spans 400 plants in 40 countries across over 4 decades.

We listen first so we can create the best solutions for your needs. We then bring technological leadership, proven reliability and consistent delivery to all our customers in municipalities, oil & gas, coal power, mining and more. Our highly experienced and dedicated team knows that strong partnerships lead to success and growth.

IDE is jointly and equally owned by ALFA Water Partners and the Delek Group. The Delek Group is one of Israel’s largest holding groups.

DE believes in partnership; it’s the foundation of how we work. We work in partnership with many different organisations and, of course, the precise way we work differs accordingly. But there are some common principles we employ – we understand that shared goals and common working practices lead to better results. We know that working together is better.

With Our Customers


We have worked with some customers for over 30 years, others for less, but the principles behind the relationships are nearly always the same. Partnership is about listening to your needs, understanding the issues and then building teams to solve the challenge. It’s about applying nearly 50 years of ground-breaking advances in water treatment technologies to serve your needs and working together to deliver projects on schedule, within budget and above specifications, while adhering to strict health, safety and environmental regulations. Partnership is about bringing added value in technological innovation by highly committed people.

With Governments and Local Municipalities


For the last 10 years, IDE has met all requirements of some of the most complex Build Operate and Transfer (BOT ) contracts. Not only have we met requirements during tender processes, but we have a track record of consistently delivering results that exceed specifications. We are able to do this thanks to our productive, positive and constructive partnerships with local municipalities and government bodies.

With Key Water Industry Players


IDE is constantly looking for cooperation and partnerships with key water industry players in order to enhance and complete our offerings and together provide better, more complete solutions to our customers. We would be happy to consider all partnerships that are relevant to the provision of advanced water treatment technology and solutions, in one or more of the following fields:

  • Private sector: power plants, refineries, chemical process industry, heavy industry, mining
  • Public sector: municipal water projects

We are looking for key partners such as:

  • EPC companies that are bidding for and undertaking EPC/PPP projects.
  • Engineering & consulting firms acting as techno-commercial consultants, conducting FS and/or undertaking EPCM / owner engineers’ role
  • Relevant development/investment entities and institutions involved in the global infrastructure business
With Our Suppliers


We have many suppliers with whom we have worked for 10, 20, even 30 years. We all value these relationships; in the good times we all enjoy the fruits of our labour but it’s when the going gets tough that these relationships prove their value. We work together to overcome challenges, find smart solutions; trusting each other to deliver and helping support customers with better products and lower costs.

With Financial Institutions


IDE is at the leading edge of finance in the industry, with a track record of successful financing of complex projects around the world with many types of contracts and customers. The company has financed over $1.3bn in the past 10 years. This wouldn’t be possible without long and successful relationships with banks and financial institutions, both globally and locally. These relationships are based on transparency, cooperation and shared mutual interests. “We understand the need for accurate data delivered in a timely and detailed manner. We understand their concerns and behave as if these are our concerns. And we prioritise long term relationships over short term ones”, says Gal Zohar, CFO, IDE Technologies.

With Agents and Local Representatives


IDE has a network of agents and representatives in many markets around the world. We have been working together with the vast majority for dozens of years, so we know one another, trust one another, are there for one another in good times and more challenging times. This means we can offer better service and better products for more customers in more locations.

With Distributors


IDE PROGREEN – the only chemical–free desalination plants are offered world-wide through direct sale, and via distributors in selected countries. The IDE PROGREEN™ plants are offered in a wide range of capacities starting from 500 m3/day up to 5,000 m3/day. In this case, the distribution partnership yields immediately commercial fruits. Through the distributors, we offer a mature product line of unique desalination plants, ready to be used with minimal installation efforts. These plants specifically suit small communities, resorts, marine bases and industries.

Our partner distributors can resell our products, or integrate them with other equipment. Our partner distributors can become a Value Added Reseller (VAR) by offering IDE PROGREEN™ as part of a larger business scheme. They can integrate IDE PROGREEN™ in a larger system sale or can offer additional services providing end-to-end solutions to our customers such as installation, commissioning and long term operation and maintenance of the plants.

IDE supports its partner-distributors by providing sales and technical support, marketing materials and intensive training sessions to the distributors’ sales and technical personnel.

With Employees


IDE has a strong, warm and crucial relationship with employees all over the world, many of whom have been with us for more than 30 years and who are from dozens of countries. People who join IDE really feel they are joining a family, and we have some of the most experienced, talented and dedicated people in the industry.


16” Vertical Membranes
16” membranes in a vertical arrangement, as installed in the Sorek plant, allow a reduced footprint of the RO plant. This leads to a reduction in the size of the required RO buildings, and shorter pipelines and cables, hence reducing capex and increasing operational efficiencies. This unique array allows easier membrane installation and safer operation as the operation staffs are not exposed to pressure vessel end-ports. They also significantly increase RO plant availability, due to decreased number of membranes and interconnections. Patent pending.

Spot Cleaner
The Spot Cleaner is a revolutionary new approach to multimedia filtration (MMF) and backwash technology that provides continuous spot cleaning. This technology allows a reduction in the size of backwash tanks, pumps and pipes, reduced height of the MMF to below 3m and significantly reduced capex and opex of seawater filtration. Patent pending.

Optimized Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO)
PRO is a new process that allows the extraction of energy from the difference between the osmotic pressures of two liquids. IDE has created numerous optimizations to the PRO process to increase efficiency and reduce cost. For Ocean-River PRO Power Generation IDE redesigned the intake system, revised the pretreatment process, and made changes in the energy recovery system to be significantly less than industry standard.

IDE has also developed a new PRO/FO membrane arrangement that increases the efficiency of these processes. Here the membrane permeate tube is divided lengthwise and has such perforations that allow several membranes in the pressure vessel to work in parallel. Patent pending.

Batch PRO Process
IDE has developed a new Batch PRO technology that allows the implementation of standard spiral membranes in a B-PRO process. This allows the use of lower cost standard spiral membranes in place of specially made membranes.
Patent pending.