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IN VIVO Environnement

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IN VIVO Environnement Services

  • Oceanography


    The Oceanography Department specializes in measurement campaigns at sea, on the coast and in aquatic environments. It collects, exploits and applies data to: Determine the nature of the seabed, Know the physical and dynamic parameters of the water (current, swell), Assess the living environment, Assess the situation, studies the pre-project environment, Measure the evolution of the environment, monitors the environment after work, Assess the impact of...

  • Environmental Management, Harbours and Coastal

    Environmental Management, Harbours and Coastal

    The Environment Department provides support for public and private marine projects to conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) in terms of legislation, physical, life and human (socio-ecological) phases. IN VIVO accompanies applicants with administrative procedures, public enquiries and debates, and assists them in environmental monitoring during work performance and operating stages. The Department also carries out sociological and environmental...

  • Engineering


    The Engineering Department provides Project Management services for development projects and works concerning coastal areas and marine environments for many local authorities and industries. It offers technical assistance at all stages of the project, from the design to the acceptance of the works, selecting contractors and monitoring project performance. This department is also specialized in land management of contaminated sediments (pre-treatments and...