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intimus International GmbH

As early as 1965, intimus presented its first shredder: the legendary `electric waste paper bin` intimus simplex - over one million in use to date. The choice of the brand name intimus - synonymous with a closely trusted friend - has always been an incentive to provide excellent solutions for perfect information security. And we have always succeeded in this. Over 100 patents and registered property rights underline the wealth of ideas and innovations with which intimus data shredders have continually been made more convenient and powerful.

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Bergheimer Strasse 6-12 , Markdorf , D-88677 Germany

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Waste and Recycling - Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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Today we offer our customers worldwide solutions for information assurance and waste management. The modern working world is no longer imaginable without products from our company, being synonymous with practical, high-performance, reliable solutions.  The user in his or her working environment is always at the centre of our development plans. Today our products therefore do not just shred all traditional data carriers, from note paper to thick EDP lists and complete binders including the metal clip mechanism but also modern storage media such as CDs, DVDs, floppy disks and complete hard drives securely and consistently.

And all this for a wide range of applications and security levels, from the home office to the traditional office and high performance systems with capacities of up to 2 tonnes per hour.

At intimus, the protection of natural resources is an integral component of our corporate culture. Responsibility towards the environment is established in our corporate guidelines as well as in our Quality Management System. We expect environmentally sustainable behavior to be not only a task for our top management, but for every single intimus employee.

We consider it our obligation as a manufacturer as well as an employer to help preserve a strong ecological foundation for future generations.

This focus on environmental sustainability affects the entire “life cycle” of our products: from the sourcing of our raw materials and resources to the manufacturing process; from the transportation and logistics of finished goods through the application and final disposal of our products after they have served their use to our customers.

All levels of the intimus organization are focused on our main priority: to develop innovative and intelligent information assurance solutions which offer significant benefits to the customer, while contributing to the conservation of natural resources.

This focus on environmental sustainability is a fundamental part of our Quality Management System. Since 1995, intimus has been an accredited organization according to DIN ISO 9001.

Quality is very important to us. Because consistently high quality is the only way to earn and keep the trust of our customers and partners.

To ensure constant high quality of our products, we have been working since 1995 according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 900 1:2000.

By maintaining and further developing our integrated quality management system, we want to create the basis for fulfilling the expectations of our customers whilst at the same time achieving business success of the company and permanently increasing this in the medium term.

The QM system governs all activities, from specification and selection of the products to verification and validation as well as variously managed control processes during and after assembly. In this way we ensure that these activities are carried out in a planned, controlled chain.

Defects and deficiencies are detected with customer questionnaires and statistical analyses. In this way we can correct them quickly and permanently.