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Legioblock is manufactured by Jansen Betonwaren B.V. A concrete construction system of interlocking blocks. Fast and easy to assemble without fixing materials. Its flexibility makes it an ideal solution for both permanent and temporary storage structures. Legioblock is a flexible concrete construction system of interlocking concrete blocks. Legioblocks are easy to stack without using cement or fixing materials. This makes Legioblock suitable for both temporary as permanent solutions. The Legioblock interlocking block system provides a perfect solution for retaining walls, storage bays, separation walls, silage pits, salt storage and industrial buildings.

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Flexible construction system
Legioblock® is a building system consisting of interlocking concrete blocks that are easy to place, do not require cement and, because of its flexibility, is suitable for both temporary and permanent structures. 
These concrete blocks form a total solution for building every kind of structure. Legioblocks® are cost-effective, combine high-quality with proven reliability and are also fire-resistant and soundproof. Benefits in short:

  • construction without the need for cement;
  • cost-effective;
  • fast construction: delivery includes placement;
  • easy to relocate and reconfigured;
  • no foundations required: a flat, firm surface is sufficient;
  • fire-resisting and soundproof;
  • durable with a high residual value;
  • available from stock.

The Legioblock® is available in standard sizes (custom sizes and/or variations can be delivered on request). Besides the standard sizes, different Legioblock® variations are also available.

Concrete security barriers
Besides stackable concrete blocks, Jansen Betonwaren B.V. also produces two kinds of concrete security barriers for the security of premises or land from unwanted vehicles and the prevention of ram raiding: the  Legio® Anti-ram-block and the Legio® Reflector-block.