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  • Water Services

  • Water Resources

    Water Resources

    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants is a leader among the nation’s water consulting firms, providing services in water resource management, water systems, and drinking water quality. The vision, reliability and technical excellence of our engineering solutions have established our position at the forefront of the industry. We continue to lead the field through our involvement in state and national water policy organizations and our work in such areas as...

  • Wastewater Services

    Wastewater Services

    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants has a tradition of innovation and technical expertise in wastewater treatment and reclamation. We have pioneered and developed new systems and treatment practices, creatively combined proven treatment processes, and introduced new uses for leading edge technology. And we continue this tradition today with our imaginative, innovative solutions.

  • Recycled Water

    Recycled Water

    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants is a leader in implementing recycled water projects. We have successfully completed more than $1 billion in recycled water planning and design work over the past decade. Our services span applied research, pilot testing, and planning through design, construction, and program development.

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    From flow to financing: we combine practical knowledge of funding, infrastructure, and information technology with decades of experience helping utilities to manage their assets.

  • Stormwater Management

    Stormwater Management

    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants provides a full range of stormwater management and underground injection control systems (UIC) services. Our capabilities extend from initial stormwater system inventories, stormwater management plans and permitting, through monitoring and retrofitting. We also provide engineering services for stormwater alternatives. To meet these needs, Kennedy/Jenks offers stormwater treatment engineers, civil engineers, hydrogeologists,...

  • Plant and Utility Operations Consulting Services

    Plant and Utility Operations Consulting Services

    Kennedy/Jenks Consultants is a leader in an emerging trend in the wastewater consulting business to utilize experienced wastewater operations staff on its professional planning and design teams to provide added value to our clients. Our Operations Specialists have provided services throughout the U.S. Their years of field experience in hundreds of treatment plants has honed practical and proven troubleshooting and optimization skills as well as...

  • Large Pipe and Pipe Rehabilitation

    Large Pipe and Pipe Rehabilitation

    The Kennedy/Jenks pipeline team is one of the deepest, most experienced in the industry. Pipelines are an integral part of utility systems, though they often have been of lower priority.  Kennedy/Jenks has designed some of the largest diameter interceptors in the country. The group has completed designs and installations of pipelines up to 144-inch in diameter and up to 20 miles in length. System elements include air release/vacuum valves, flow...

  • Groundwater Services

    Groundwater Services

    Throughout our 90-year history, Kennedy/Jenks has successfully provided professional consulting services for groundwater studies, investigations, well design and conjunctive use projects, as well as analysis of demands and requirements, water conservation, and capital improvement plans. Whether the water is industrial waste, drinking water, wastewater, recycled water or stormwater; high public expectations, tougher regulatory requirements and changing...