Lama Sistemas de Filtrado S.L

Lama Sistemas de Filtrado S.L

Since our begining, we have dedicated our time only and exclusively to the water, and while we have evolved, to the design and manufacturing of filtration systems. We entirely have specialized our company in that activity. To achieve that goal, our technical department is constantly investigating and developing better and newest products that are easiest to use for our clients. To offer you a better service, we use the newest technology available, which makes us be at the forefront of the worldwide market. In our three families of filters, we choice the very best qualities for our raw materials: carbono steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced polyamide and PVC.

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ArtesanĂ­a 1-3-5, Pol. Ind. Guadalquivir , Gelves - Sevilla , 41120 Spain

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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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Lama, which was founded 60 years ago, it is specialized in developing and manufacturing water filtrations systems for agriculture and industry areas. Along these years, we have developed and improved a large range of filters to accomplish our clients’ expectations and ours.

We are constantly developing new projects to find answers to the demands of the agricultural and industrial markets of today, as well as solutions for tomorrow.


Lama is specialized in filters, and when we receive your project, an entire group of professionals start to work to adapt and configure our equipments to the things that you have requested, getting like that the motto effectiveness and the highest efficiency of every one of our filters. Our company has a commercial and marketing department, an accounting department, an expedition and a reception one, welding, painting, and an assembly areas- with the aim of guaranteeing excellence and ensuring the most important result of all: client satisfaction.


The personalization of every single project. Thanks to our large range of products, manual, semimanual and automatic, our filters fits with every filtration’s need that you request. Besides, from Lama Filtration Systems, we offer you the manufacturing of filters according to your requirements, preparing the simplest ones or the most complicated filtration systems.