Lhoist Group

Lhoist Group

Supplies calcium products for emission control applications, including MAG-ON-Demand Reagent for Wet Lime Scrubbers and Sorbacz sp- A hydrated lime product optimized for dry injection acid gas control applications. Flue gas treatment reagents and solution, Water and Sludge treatment. Spongiacal is a hydrated lime with a high porous volume, specially developed for dry flue-gas cleaning. Proviacal is a powdered quicklime with very low dust emission, specially developed for soil treatment in civil engineering.

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Rue Charles Dubois 28 , Limelette , B - 1342 Belgium

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For a better future

The Lhoist Group develops high quality solutions from the finest natural mineral resources. The carbonates, lime, dolime and speciality products bring essential functionalities to our customers' processes. Each manufacturing step is long-term oriented towards a sustainable methodology, from the first deposit exploration until the restoration of our quarries.

Over the course of the last century, the Lhoist Group, which began in Belgium and then expanded into France, has progressively acquired genuine international status.

Our Group's visibility has risen markedly over the last decades. Most of our Group's international growth has occurred in Europe and America.

As industrialists, we devote all our talents and efforts to ensuring continued expansion, guided by a sustained research and investment policy, and strong technological progress.

Today, our companies total more than 5,500 people, all motivated by the desire to satisfy the increasingly varied demands of our customers, who are all confident of our mutual success. Industrial globalisation means that our customers are becoming more international. It also means that they require their suppliers to be increasingly creative, efficient and dynamic.

Our challenge is to remain the best in the eyes of our customers and to prolong experience that dates back over a century.

We are proud industrialists.

We are passionate about our business and excellence.

We are a family-owned company, and wish to remain so.

Our roots are vital.

We believe in continuity and long-term thinking.

We are driven by our customers and markets.

We constantly nurture our relationships with customers and stakeholders.

We are pioneers.

We look beyond boundaries, seize and generate opportunities to shape the future.

Our people make it all happen.


for people is being transparent and open, listening and accepting differences, dealing fairly and honoring commitment.


is being pioneers, voicing opinions, raising the bar and challenging each other to grow.


is walking the talk, placing the company’s interest first, being authentic in all matters, demonstrating loyalty and being ethical.


Our roots date back to the nineteenth century when in 1889 Hippolyte Dumont opened a factory in Belgium.

In just over a century, the firm has spread internationally: first to France in 1926 on the impetus of the founder's son-in-law, Léon Lhoist. He developed the company further by acquiring lime, limestone and dolimite plants in Belgium and France. During the last 35 years, the fourth generation of shareholders has pushed the business consistently further under the leadership of Baron Berghmans, the company current Chairman.

In the eighties, the Group crossed the Atlantic to the United States. The nineties offered significant expansion opportunities across Western and Eastern Europe, in Germany and Scandinavia. The new millennium again broadened our horizons across Southern Europe to Brazil and progressively to Asia.

Today, we are a world leading producer of lime, dolime and minerals. We continue to grow through acquisition and entry into new territories. With a focus on existing and emerging customer needs, we also invest in new facilities and the development of our portfolio of innovative products and solutions.

Over the past decades, the Group’s production has multiplied by ten and our turnover by 40. Lhoist operates 100 facilities in more than 25 countries and has 6,400 employees of more than 40 nationalities.