Manifattura Fontana S.p.A

Manifattura Fontana S.p.A

Manifattura Fontana was born as a family business in 1932, and preserves the tradition of a textile manufacturing activity , continued in Valbrenta since 1704. The attention to market needs, through the careful selection of raw materials, the adoption of up to date manufacturing systems, and the continuous research and development for new solutions and innovative products, make Manifattura Fontana a leading company in the geotextile market. For more than 50 years Manifattura Fontana has been manufacturing nonwoven textiles from synthetic fibers. Manifattura Fontana enjoy a highly respected position in the national and international market and makes its best to deserve the trust of its customers. Since 2016, Sioen Industries, a diversified stock quoted Group with an extensive portfolio of textile products and activities, employing over 3000 people in 19 different countries, has chosen Manifattura Fontana as the best strategic partner to enter the geotextile industry.

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Via Fontoli, 10 , Valstagna (VI) , I-36020 Italy

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In manufacturing added-value geotextiles, Manifattura Fontana now combines its extensive experience and know-how, with the reliability of a consolidated multinational group.

Values & Vision

Man and environment

Unspoilt nature and infrastructures. The right balance between the two is the best legacy for the next generations.

Our future is tied up with the sustainable development of our planet.

Soil consumption is crucial to the growth and development of our society.

In Manifattura Fontana we want to do our part in reducing the impact of infrastructure works on the territory.

Our company's values are strongly bond with these objectives: deep knowledge of soil management issues, and risk prevention.

At Manifattura we believe in paying serious attention to the link between profit and planet as the starting point for our products outstanding quality, also generating economic and environmental efficiency and sustainability.

Risk prevention

The leading driver

Preventing the risk of hydro geological instability and reducing decay and deterioration of projects based on our product are leading drivers to us.

This makes us take no compromise choices on many points in our product chain: from raw material, through continuous product testing, to production, through listening to our customers, to preventive analysis of issues related to soil composition and type of intervention.

The company is committed to keep on studying and developing new products, and to continuously foster improvements in technology and manufacturing plants and processes, in order to provide always added-value geotextiles.

A specialized team of professionals selects the raw materials and follows up all the production processes, by means of machineries that are at the forefront of technology.

Products always fulfil the specifications and the needs of the customers, and all of them undergo several tests, and have guaranteed quality and performances.

All this is possible thanks to the extensive experience in the industry. The know-how we own on raw materials allows us to offer a wide range of certified products, able to best suit the technical specifications requested.

This is how the company has always been working and the goal we always intend to pursue.

And we want to do this with the lowest environmental impact possible.