Micropore Technologies Ltd.

Micropore Technologies Ltd.

Micropore Technologies Ltd.

Experts in specialist particles and emulsion manufacture, we aim to help our customers to innovate and differentiate their products using mono sized and mono dispersed emulsions, particles and encapsulated particles. Diverse markets have benefited from Micropore’s leading edge technologies and expertise to solve many challenges in formulation, process and production. Established over ten years ago as a high-technology spin-out of Loughborough University, Micropore has grown to be an experienced expert in specialist particles and emulsion manufacturing working with a wide portfolio of exciting and demanding clients. We maintain our academic rigour and cutting-edge approach and have developed to be a unique and powerful partner to our clients.

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Unit 2, Station Yard Industrial Estate, Hatton , Derbyshire , England DE65 5DU United Kingdom
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Monitoring and Testing
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Nationally (across the country)

A partner you can rely on

Micropore is a long-term business partner, working as a contract manufacture of emulsions and specialist particles as well as a manufacturer of particle and emuslion equipment. Our research and technology expertise and findings are fed back to our customers in order to refine processes and innovate new technologies.

Key advantages of partnering with Micropore

Substantial increases in yield

The gentle nature of the production process does not damage sensitive and often expensive raw materials, resulting in increased productivity and lowered costs.

Significant reduction of waste materials

As a result of higher yields and operational consistency, clients have reported zero ‘bad batches’ with a major reduction in the cost of waste production.

Many applications across numerous industry sectors

Micropore has delivered benefits in, among others, the low-fat food, chocolate, flavour and fragrance, drug delivery, chromatography, aerospace and cosmetics sectors.