Müller Textil GmbH

Müller Textil GmbH

Müller Textil develops and produces three-dimensional hi-tech textiles. Decades of experience in the textile warp knitting technology make us the leading supplier of 3mesh spacer fabric. Our global presence allows us to work closely with our customers and guarantees a just in time supply. As innovation leader reliability, flexibility and quality are the basis of all our activities. The grown specialized know-how, the precise technical manufacturing and the high commitment of our team make it possible to continuously realize new developments in close co-operation with our customers. Therefore Müller Textil is the worldwide market leader for three-dimensional spacer fabric that fulfils highest technical requirements.

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Industriegelände 8 , Wiehl Drabenderhöhe , 51674 51674 Germany

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Innovation with vision
Müller Textil is not only a supplier of hi-tech textiles, but also the world-wide innovation leader for 3mesh spacer fabric. By constant research and development the efficiency and economy of our 3mesh products has been increased continuously. In addition we produce completely new solutions for individual applications.

Thus Müller Textil actively shapes the market for automotive and consumer textiles. From planning to production we accompany our customers as experienced and competent partners.

Top quality, highest customer satisfaction and reliable supply are our strengths. In the future Müller Textil will further increase international activities, in order to be present locally for all our customers.

Müller Textil is being managed - in the 4th generation - by Frank and Stefan Mueller and can look back on more than 100 years of success.

Founded in Wuppertal, Germany, 1906 by Carl Paul Müller, the move towards the current headquarters in Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, Germany, followed in 1967. By the end of the 80ies Müller Textil was among the first businesses in the world to focus on the production of hi-tech 3mesh spacer fabric.

In order to focus completely on this growth market, the company separated from activities with medical and fashion textiles in the mid 90ies. With success: The number of employees constantly rose to more than 300! Today the emphasis still lies on the production of 3mesh-products for the automotive and consumer industry.

The internationalization was completed in year 2000 with a location in the USA under the name Muller Textiles Inc. After further locations in Mexico, Slovakia and china, Müller Textil today produces and serves on a world-wide scale as a market leader for hi-tech spacer fabric.

This innovation leadership and high customer orientation still distinguish the company.


Always a step ahead
Constant research and analysis are the preconditions for innovation and progress. Our R&D department located in Germany, Wiehl-Drabenderhöhe, therefore closely co-operates with various scientific institutes. At the same time we are always in constant communication with the development departments of our customers.

With unique specialized know-how and high commitment we can easily realize individual demands to develop new products. This allows you to stay always ahead of your competition. Innovation with success: Owing to 3mesh, Müller Textil is the world-wide market leader for spacer fabric.

World-wide market leadership for technical textile 3mesh is the result of the innovative philosophy of Müller Textil.


Quality after ISO 14001
The company policy of Müller Textil based on ISO 14001 establishes sustainable professional competence and highly precised technical manufacturing according to the environment. This fundamental idea is binding for all employees and part of the company culture.

As global acting company we link this way of thinking with our economic behaviour  and transfer following principles: 

  • We are working transparent in all environmental issues with our entire partner. 
  • As global acting supplier and manufacture our high environmental standards are valid in all of our facilities. 
  • The compliance with all relevant environmental regulations is a self-evident commitment. 
  • The environmental compatibility of our products and manufacturing processes is the caracter of our acting.


Quality after TS 16949
Our goal is to supply perfect, first-class products just in time and with comprehensive services. Therefore Müller Textil already acts on the quality standard TS 16949 as supplier of the automotive industry.

The quality politics of Müller Textil read: 'We strive for complete customer satisfaction by continuous improvement of quality, efficiency and speed of all of our business activities.'

In order to achieve these goals all employees bear responsibility in their respective field of activity. Every employee supplies full commitment to the entire process chain.

We understand quality as:

  • Highest customer satisfaction
  • Economy of products
  • Absolute reliability
  • Highly-qualified and motivated personnel
  • Continuous optimisation of all processes


Our target is the delivery of faultless, high class products just in time including a perfect service. Therfore Müller Textil is already going ahead with the requirements according to Reach. This will be confirmed by the yearly updated certificate 'Oeko-Tex®  Standard 100'.

The legal ordinance (EG) No. 1907/2006 (REACH-Regulation) is a European Chemical Regulation which was implemented on 1. Juni 2007.
REACH means Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of chemicals, AS a European Regulation REACH is valid in all European member states. Due to Reach the existing Chemical Regulation was hormonised and simplified.

The targets of Reach:

  • Improvement of human health and environment protection against risks through chemicals.  
  • Improved risk management in relation to the contact and handling of chemicals.  
  • Responsibility transfer due to the evaluation of risks from the public authorities to the industry.  
  • Promotion on innovation and competitiveness of the European chemical industry.  

Owing to its characteristics and the simple processing 3mesh spacer fabric is perfectly suited for the use in various consumer goods: in mattresses and furniture just like in technical clothing and shoes. 3mesh is also used in many medical product areas. Passive ventilation is guaranteed by constant air exchange and circulation through 3mesh climate layer and 3mesh climate cover.

3mesh: More comfort for everybody

  • Extremely high air distribution in all directions
  • Soft cushioning effect and spring characteristics
  • Excellent recovery