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NIVUS GmbH Services

  • NIVUS - Customer Service

    NIVUS - Customer Service

    Our customer service ensures that all customer requests and repair orders are processed expertly and professionally. The customer service team is able to impress with its competence and qualification. NIVUS places the focus on customer satisfaction. Even high-quality measurement systems may fail or functions may be impaired due to various factors. From this point on, the NIVUS customer center provides skilled assistance when you need it. We place...

  • NIVUS - Hot­line Services

    NIVUS - Hot­line Services

    You want quick and direct assistance in case of problems with your measurement system. Our hotline is available on the phone from Monday – Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00 CET and Friday between 8:00 and 15:00 CET.

  • NIVUS - Technician Services

    NIVUS - Technician Services

    Here you can request a service technician, easily and for your convenience. Our service team will contact you immediately. In order to ensure rapid processing we kindly ask you to describe the purpose as thorough as possible.

  • NIVUS - Initial Start-Up Services

    NIVUS - Initial Start-Up Services

    One part of our comprehensive range of services is the commissioning* of measurement systems which requires a high degree of expertise and know-how. Our service technicians have a sound basis regarding applications and a wide range of theoretical and practical knowledge. Regular training and continuing education make sure that these standards are constantly extended and consolidated.

  • NIVUS - Maintenance Services

    NIVUS - Maintenance Services

    After many years of operation even the most powerful measurement systems may fail from time to time. Improper operation or inappropriate handling may lead to instrument failure as well. In such cases the NIVUS maintenance service is there to help you quickly and without unnecessary administration.

  • NIVUS - Device Return Services

    NIVUS - Device Return Services

    Even if using highest quality products and systems it sometimes may be possible that an instrument needs to be returned to the manufacturer. In such cases or for inspection purposes we ask you to necessarily comply with some regulations. Protecting our employees and the environments as well as legal regulations require to have the proof of safety regarding the

  • NIVUS - Monitoring Services

    NIVUS - Monitoring Services

    Whether complex simulation models or simplified assessment methods are used – the crucial point for reliable calculation results is the quality of the data basis. Since very often investments amounting to millions depend on the calculation results it is indispensable to carefully acquire and determine the initial data. Measuring flow, level and substance concentrations within water and wastewater networks is one of the centrepieces of thoroughly...