Normandy Waste Management Systems

Normandy Waste Management Systems was created by a food by-product recycling company with over twenty years experience in the food manufacturing industry. We created Normandy Waste Management Systems to help our customers reduce manufacturing waste by providing them with the tools and information they need to identify their waste sources, communicate their objectives, and improve their sustainability and profits. We recognize that it takes more than the efforts of a few people to reduce waste in manufacturing. It takes commitment from the entire company. In order to get that commitment, you need to know where to target your efforts, develop a plan with clear objectives, communicate that plan, and provide timely feedback to those involved – and that’s were we come in!

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621 Pacific Avenue, Suite 106 , Tacoma , WA 98402 USA

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Software vendor
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Waste Management
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Nationally (across the country)

Halving Global Food Waste by 2030

Dozens of food manufacturers and food service providers across the world have pledged to cut waste in half by 2030. Waste cuts DEEP into a company’s profits and even deeper into the environment. Normandy WMS offers breakthrough technology capturing granular trends for each individual waste stream.