Normandy Waste Management Systems was created by a food by-product recycling company with over twenty years experience in the food manufacturing industry. We created Normandy Waste Management Systems to help our customers reduce manufacturing waste by providing them with the tools and information they need to identify their waste sources, communicate their objectives, and improve their sustainability and profits. We recognize that it takes more than the efforts of a few people to reduce waste in manufacturing. It takes commitment from the entire company. In order to get that commitment, you need to know where to target your efforts, develop a plan with clear objectives, communicate that plan, and provide timely feedback to those involved – and that’s were we come in!

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  1. As the food manufacturing waste is weighed, operators easily enter data through a touch screen pad. Designed specifically for their application, data input is based on the manufacturing waste streams the company would like to measure.
  2. Manufacturing Waste Reduction begins with reliable data and storage. The food manufacturing waste data collected from the floor is sent from the scale and temporarily stored on an internal data node prior to being sent to Normandy’s off-site server. The data node ensures that no manufacturing waste data is lost, even if the network connection fails.
  3. Collected Food Manufacturing Waste Data is transmitted through an industrial router over the Internet to the Normandy Waste Management Systems server. The router on-site at the manufacturing facility initiates communication with the Normandy WMS server, eliminating the need for incoming communications from outside of the network, and preserving local network security.
  4. All Manufacturing Waste Data is then stored in a SQL database and accessed through Normandy’s pre-configured, company-specific Dashboard. From the Dashboard, all food manufacturing waste data collected can be queried and reported in an easy-to-read graphic format that can be printed or exported into an Excel-based worksheet.
  5. Normandy Waste Management Systems are accessible through a web browser. Local or corporate management can access the dashboard from anywhere and query the manufacturing waste data in a variety of ways in order to identify their waste streams and volumes, monitor the effectiveness of ongoing manufacturing waste reduction practices, identify best practices, or determine what areas need to be addressed.

Through a review of the waste data using Normandy Food Manufacturing Waste Management System, management can determine whether manufacturing waste streams are systems/equipment-based, employee-based, or even systemic, and take appropriate action to reduce waste.

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a business application that is hosted on the Internet, as opposed to on a user’s local computer. All of the data associated with the SaaS is stored remotely in a secure cloud that can be accessed by the user via a web browser.

The software component of Normandy Waste Management Systems is a centrally-hosted SaaS, which is accessed by our clients through a secure web portal. However, the Normandy Waste Management System also includes a customized hardware package that has been specifically designed to interact with the food manufacturing waste management software application. The hardware, which comes pre-configured and wired in a UL certified, 20 x 20 x 12” Nema 12 enclosure ready for installation, is the critical component in transforming what happens on the manufacturing floor to actual, tangible data for the manufacturing waste reduction effort.

Understanding the tough conditions of an industrial atmosphere, we designed our Normandy Waste Management hardware package using only industrial-rated components. These components include an easy-to-use, 10.4” touch-screen PanelView interface that is customized to reflect our client’s operations and to interface with a local floor scale. Inside the cabinet, we have installed a data node PC to record the transactions prior to sending them via an Ethernet router to our host server. The various components are controlled by a PLC mounted within the cabinet.

Once the waste management data is received by our server it is processed, stored and made available to our clients via a secure, web-based Dashboard. The Dashboard is an easy to navigate set of graphs and data that can easily be manipulated to isolate manufacturing waste sources and causes, identify trends, establish goals, communicate to employees, and track manufacturing waste reduction.

Unlike a typical SaaS, which can cost well into the $100,000′s to implement, there are no initial implementation costs associated with Normandy manufacturing waste management systems.

The Normandy Waste Management System is a solution to costly food processing waste as a result of food manufacturing. Because food manufacturing lines are intended for efficiency and consistency, often the food manufacturing waste, and all the costs that go along with it, are overlooked. That is where Normandy Waste Management Systems comes in; our system can reduce the cost of food processing waste by properly tracking it from the first step on the manufacturing floor to the last step at disposal. Cost reduction due to better food manufacturing waste management will allow your facility to create the same product at a lower cost, giving you an advantage over the industry competition. Increase the sustainability of your facility by implementing a food manufacturing waste management program.

Track types of food manufacturing waste in real-time.

You will never miss opportunity to identify cost-savIngs and can evaluate your food processing waste management project in real-time. Live communications from the management team to the manufacturing floor increase opportunity for savings.

Identify your facility’s specific food waste management goals by line

Identify costs at many levels of a line, for any time period. See where in your process you generate the most waste and where to focus manufacturing waste reduction efforts for a higher return on investment.

Identify food waste trends by shift.

With Normandy Waste Management Systems, identify where your higher food costs are trending by shift. Shift time setting is available, so you can adjust the shift start/end times according to your facility.

Identify waste trends over time, tracking dates and levels of waste.

Normandy Waste Management Systems provides data trends over time. Change the time period of tracking and sort information to suit your goals. View waste trends and compare activities to the goals set. Look back on peak times for individual lines, or target slower manufacturing timeframes.

From line and shift food manufacturing waste to waste trends over time, export all data from the Normandy dashboard.

Normandy Waste Management dashboard allows for real-time reporting of all waste data for management reporting.

Normandy’s turnkey system with customized hardware and software allows you to maintain your firewall, set your own goals and take advantage of Normandy’s off-site hosting and backup.

How full is your waste disposal container? View data on food processing waste at each step, from the manufacturing line to disposal.

See at all times how full your waste disposal container is and track historical data of how full it has been in the past when serviced. Avoid paying unnecessary trip or fuel surcharges. Have all the information you need about the industrial food waste streams in your manufacturing facility, even after they have left the plant.