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  • Air Quality Permitting - Technical Services

  • Ambient Air Quality (dust) Monitoring Services

    Ambient Air Quality (dust) Monitoring Services

    ORTECH has the experience, expertise and resources to design, implement and operate cost effective ambient air quality monitoring programs from small fence line studies to large air shed monitoring networks. Parameters monitored range from simple air quality meteorological indicators to complex volatile organics and fine particulates. Every program is tailored to satisfy a wide variety of industrial and compliance requirements.

  • Materials Testing Services

    Materials Testing Services

    ORTECH has provided material testing services for over 40 years to our clients in Ontario, other Provinces, the United States and occasionally in other countries. Our services include the direct analysis of materials for a variety of chemical and physical components as well the collection of off-gas samples from the materials followed by analysis for volatile compounds and odour.

  • Emissions (Source) Testing Services

    Emissions (Source) Testing Services

    For over 50 years, ORTECH Environmental has been an industry leader in technology-based environmental science and engineering services.  ORTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality services in technical consulting, problem solving, testing and evaluation with emphasis on air quality assessment and advanced computational technologies

  • Odour Assessment and Evaluation Services

    Odour Assessment and Evaluation Services

    ORTECH has provided odour assessment services for over 40 years to our clients in Ontario, other Provinces, United States, Caribbean, and across Europe.  Procedures for the collection of odour samples, evaluation of these samples using an olfactometer and community odour surveys have been developed by ORTECH during this period.  Many of these developments have been presented as scientific papers and incorporated into official testing protocols...

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

    Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

    ORTECH has been offering GIS services as a complement to our other consulting services across both ORTECH Power and ORTECH Environmental for over 10 years.   Now, ORTECH Consulting is offering these same services direct to the market.

  • Sulfur Testing and Analysis Services

    Sulfur Testing and Analysis Services

    Sulfur is a big air quality issues for many industries.  ORTECH is skilled in testing and analyzing Sulfur and Sulfur compounds with our Natural Gas analysis, Odour Assessments, Emissions Testing or Ambient Air Monitoring services. ORTECH's laboratory services can identify and quantify sulfur compounds.