Petersens first patent was issued to George Petersen in 1916, the grandfather of the current CEO Phil Lundman. The company has been in the family over 100 years, producing high quality specialty equipment for pipeline and wastewater contractors and engineers. The third and fourth generation is involved and the fifth on the way. Contact us for Custom and Standard Inflatable Pipe Plugs, Mechanical Pipe Plugs, Grout and Relining Packers, Sewer and Drain Flushers, Lift Cylinders and Lift Bags, and many more products for most pressure, chemical, and temperature requirements. Petersen is all about providing solutions. We produce numerous standard pipeline related items, but also develop many customized and unique systems for almost any requirement.

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P.O. Box 340, 421 Wheeler Avenue , Fredonia , Wisconsin 53021-0340 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)

Our Customers:

Our first obligation is to people who use our products and services, and we love to provide solutions for even their most intractable challenges. We work creatively to develop ever-increasing levels of service and quality products to exceed customer expectations. We are committed to the highest degree of integrity to earn the trust of customers, and understand that customer satisfaction will define our reputation and the value of our products and services in the market.

Our Team:

Our greatest business asset is loyal, well-informed, competent people of the highest integrity. Our core competencies are invested in a team with many years of accumulated experience, including those who have been with the company over 30 years. The company expects and receives entire team commitment to customers with loyalty, energetic work, ingenuity, suggestions, and cooperation.

Our Vendors:

Our vendors are essential partners in serving customers. We develop long-term vendor relationships based on trust, competence, and a commitment to work together to serve customers with the best product and service in the market. We provide many products from quality manufacturers complementing those we produce.  Our manufacturing focus is on specialized solutions not available from others.

Our competence:

The Petersen team strives to improve skills and grow competence as indicated by the increasing innovations and improved solutions we provide customers. The significant depth of team experience and know-how is unique in the industry.

Our Equipment and Skills:

Petersen is unique in having equipment for both mechanical and inflatable product development and production.  Capabilities include manual and CNC metal working machinery, material tensile testing, CNC woven and non-woven pattern cutting, sewing single and multiple stitches with Kevlar, nylon, polyester thread, along with RF and heat seam welding of polyurethanes and other thermoplastic materials. Petersen developed extremely high pressure swaging technology, O-ring and seal vulcanizing, and other systems for fast response to customers’ requirements. Petersen's unique manufacturing methods allow the Petersen team to produce customized mechanical and inflatable systems quickly to meet the most demanding job-specific requirements. 

Our Mechanical solutions:

Through decades of experience we have been creating custom solutions from semi-automatic pipe fitting testers to plugging systems for most challenging size, pressure, and temperature requirements of complex pipeline projects. Petersen fabricates many custom mechanical systems for engineers and pipeline contractors globally. 

Our Inflatable solutions:

Going back before 1916 Milwaukee asked George Petersen to make inflatable plugs to block large diameter sewers. Decades of refinement to specialized systems allow our engineers and skilled technicians to develop unique systems for blocking ever-increasing pipeline sizes and pressures. Petersen provides inflatable plugs, tunnel seal, bladders, lift cylinders, and many other inflatable devices across multiple industries.   

Our Materials

Over the years, Petersen has incorporated much advancement in material technology into products and manufacturing processes. The Petersen team uses many advanced materials for specific chemical, temperature, and pressure requirements such as Polyurethanes, Ballistic Nylon, Kevlar, Buna-n/Nitrile, EPDM, Viton, SBR, Silicone, Viton, and many others.

Our Family Values Inform Everything:

  1.  We strive to observe the highest industry operating standards and try to serve others guided by orthodox Christian values anchored in the desire to honor God in all our efforts.
  2. “Why” we do what we do, informs “What” we do, and “How” we do it.
  3. We value individual freedom, initiative, and responsibility and with Alexis de Tocqueville believe people are created to work in community and cooperate freely, for the benefit of others.
  4.  We avoid short-term decisions recognizing our temporal life is short, but gains great significance with the benefits we leave others and its influence on how we will live eternally.
  5. We are determined to fulfill these obligations to the best of our abilities. How we treat customers, vendors, employees, and each other is a direct reflection of our personal and organizational moral character.

Our Family Trust:

The Family Trust charitable initiatives support those aiding the church serve their communities with education, health care, and relief especially the areas of extreme poverty and without religious freedom. The Family Trust is organized to own and operate the Petersen business into perpetuity.