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RAVO has been producing and supplying street sweepers and gully emptiers to destinations all over the world. Ravo`s top-quality street-sweeping machines have made us a success. Today, Ravo offers a wide range of sweepers, each one based on an innovative design.

Company details

Otterkoog 1 , Alkmaar , 1822 BW Netherlands

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Ravo is the benchmark for street sweepers in the market’s top segment. Ravo’s strength lies in the combination of solid, proven technology with intelligent innovation and strong partnership with the customer. With more than 45 years of experience in the street sweeping industry, Ravo has grown to become a global organisation that places great importance on environmental friendliness, quality and safety.

Ravo’s history in a nutshell

Following the establishment of Ravo in the 1960s, the company’s reputation grew quickly – and the product range and service along with it. Since the 1970s, its high quality street sweeping machines have brought Ravo both national and international success. Today, as a result, Ravo offers a wide assortment of sweepers, each with an innovative design. In the early 1990s, Ravo became a subsidiary of the American publicly listed company Federal Signal Corporation.

Ravo is based in Alkmaar, home to its head office, the modern production facility and a service centre. Ravo makes use of an effective network of local professional dealers, each of which provides rapid service to the customers in its area. Defining aspects of our company are the full range of offered services, high quality, short lines of communication and the client-oriented culture.

In mid-2009, Ravo became a member of the Groupe FAYAT SA. FAYAT is a globally operating organisation with a network consisting of a hundred autonomous subsidiaries, grouped into six divisions. Groupe FAYAT SA, headquartered in Bordeaux, is a French family company, established in 1957 by Clément Fayat, and has grown continuously throughout the years, both in terms of its scope and activities.

Ravo in partnership with the customer

For 45 years now, Ravo has been the front runner in the development and continuous improvement of environmentally-friendly street sweeping machines. Ravo has achieved this by drawing upon the experiences of thousands of users, which serve as direct input for the development of innovative designs. Because Ravo conducts the entire process itself – from design and development all the way through to production – the newly developed products perfectly match the needs and wishes of the consumer. Moreover, existing products can be continuously optimised so they anticipate the changing needs of the dynamic market. A Ravo machine stands apart in terms of its power and quality, as well as the fact that it is manoeuvrable, comfortable and easy to use. The low maintenance costs, long service life and long uptime (better than 95%) make a Ravo a very sensible investment. Put simply, Ravo machines are both user friendly and maintenance friendly and are renowned for their fantastic sweeping performance and suction capacity.

Research & Development: innovations

With its own Research & Development department, Ravo initiates the development of new technologies. Ravo is therefore always quick to implement new, efficient industrial engines and is often the first to meet the strictest environmental regulations, frequently even before they become mandatory. This is of particular importance with respect to the environmental zones in inner city areas. A good example of this is the development and implementation of the clean CNG engine for the new Ravo 4-Series in 2008. But the innovations are not just limited to making the equipment more environmentally friendly. Innovations in quality and ergonomics are also being made continuously. This last point is clearly demonstrated by the growing group of enthusiastic Ravo drivers.

The low maintenance costs and long service life make a Ravo a sound investment. With an eye for quality, safety and care for the environment, Ravo continues to develop new applications for the machines. The long service life and the long service intervals make a Ravo a responsible investment.

Years of accumulated knowledge and experience

Ravo B.V. employees are loyal and faithful to the company. Our employees have a high level of education, and we are happy to pass our knowledge along to the new generation. That is why we have been an accredited training company since 2007. This means that we invite starters in our field to our modern production facility to learn the latest state-of-the-art techniques used in our complex production process and familiarise them with our customer-oriented approach.