REGENESIS is the global leader in the research, development and commercialization of technology-based solutions for the environment. More specifically, the Company specializes in scientifically proven product and services-based solutions for groundwater and soil remediation at contaminated sites. Our customers are environmental consulting, engineering, and construction firms world-wide. REGENESIS is a worldwide organization, drawing from over 20 years of environmental remediation experience on over 20,000 projects in over 26 countries. With offices throughout the United States and Europe, as well as distribution partners strategically placed throughout the globe, our solutions have been successfully used by environmental consulting, engineering and construction firms to se

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Soil and Groundwater - Soil and Groundwater Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US


Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop, manufacture and market advanced, innovative technologies for the restoration or remediation of natural resources such as groundwater and soil. Regenesis’ efforts are driven by and focused on technology performance, customer needs and cost-effectiveness. Our technologies will be supported by the highest level of scientific research and technical support within the industry. Looking forward, we will seek out and explore new technologies for the prevention and/or remediation of a broad range of environmental concerns.

Company History

Incorporated in March 1994, Regenesis was formed to develop and commercialize its first product, Oxygen Release Compound (ORC). This unique formulation of phosphate - intercalated magnesium peroxide was the first of its kind to provide controlled release oxygen and was specifically designed for the in-situ treatment of aerobically degradable, petroleum hydrocarbon contamination. Following extensive laboratory and field testing, ORC was successfully introduced to the groundwater remediation market in the spring of 1995. This new, low-cost and in-place treatment approach quickly expanded as a replacement technology for expensive, above-ground, mechanical pump and treat systems.

In 2000, another ground breaking technology, Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC) was successfully brought to market. It was designed to provide a low-cost, controlled-release of hydrogen in the subsurface to support the anaerobic degradation of chlorinated contaminants. Shortly thereafter, several different versions of HRC were commercialized in response to customer need, particularly HRC -X for extended hydrogen production and HRC Primer for more rapid hydrogen production.

Leading up to 2004, Regenesis had been primarily in the business of providing products for the accelerated, in-situ treatment of lower concentration, dissolved-phase contaminants that could be readily degraded through aerobic or anaerobic processes. However the need for the in-situ remediation of higher concentration, source areas was growing and employing more aggressive chemical oxidation processes. In late 2004, Regenesis began laboratory then field testing of a new chemical oxidation product known today as RegenOx. RegenOx was quickly embraced by remediation professionals as it offered a safe, effective and easy to apply alternative to other chemical oxidants.

In early 2005, Regenesis went back to the lab to re-engineer HRC. This effort was put forth in response to customer requirements for a product that could be applied in higher volumes, achieve much greater subsurface distribution, and have equal if not greater longevity than original HRC. The result was 3-D Microemulsion (3DMe), a completely new molecule that met all of our customer needs at a price point close to that of basic commodity chemicals.

Land Science Technologies, a new division of Regenesis, was formed in 2007 to support the growing needs of Brownfields redevelopment. This new group brought to market Geo-Seal, an industry leading, gas vapor barrier designed to stop problematic vapor intrusion through a high-level of chemical resistance, constructability and cost-effectiveness. To date, Geo-Seal has been applied on redevelopment sites owned by Fortune 500 Companies and around the world. Visit for more information.

Regenesis continues to pursue its commitment to its customers and the environmental remediation industry through the development and enhancement of an entire line of remediation technologies. Looking forward, after over a decade and over 17,000 remediation project sites, Regenesis will pursue its commitment to serving our customers with state-of-the-art technologies and support services. We will continue in our leadership role developing technologies to meet the world’s growing demand for innovative environmental solutions.


Regenesis develops, manufactures and sells its innovative, technologies to environmental engineering and consulting firms throughout the world. As a result of our position in the industry we are required to actively support our technologies through a high-level of technical services and sales support as needed by our valued environmental engineering and consulting customers. Regenesis is not an environmental consulting firm, however we do advise and team with our environmental and engineering consulting clients as requested and most of the time at no cost to them.


Technical credibility and project success are at the core of the Regenesis organization. We recognize that with each product sale, application design or project, we are partnering with our engineering firm clients. On each and every project our recommendations and products are expected to perform at the highest level with the goal of exceeding expectations. Regenesis thrives on technical challenges, innovation, and problem solving. Our reputation for teaming with leading environmental engineering firms to successfully implement advanced in situ (in-place) technologies is without precedent in the environmental remediation industry and throughout the world.


Regenesis is recognized as a global leader in the develop¬ment and commercialization of advanced technologies for in situ groundwater and soil remediation.

Regenesis leads the environmental remediation industry in:

  • Development and injection of specialty chemical technologies to stimulate the in situ degradation of environmental contaminants
  • Advising regulatory agencies throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia on proper methods of in situ application of Regenesis products to maximize project success
  • Partnering with leading environmental remediation equipment companies to develop the specialized tools used today worldwide to successfully apply injectable specialty chemical technologies on in situ remediation projects
  • Publishing recommendations and standards to the remediation industry on the proper design and delivery of specialty chemical technologies to ensure effective product delivery


Regenesis’ products have been applied on more than 16,000 groundwater and soil remediation projects throughout the world. Regenesis’ involvement on many of these projects includes: site design, product supply/application, project oversight and technical review. When it comes to groundwater and soil treatment using chemical substrates, no company has more professional and practical experience than Regenesis.