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  • Stormwater Management

    Stormwater Management

    Stormwater management means the systematic discharge of the effluent stormwater regarding ecological and economical issues, among others, in order to minimise flood drainage and to protect water bodies from polluted storm or combined wastewater. Generally stromwater effluent is managed centrally in combined or separate systems, but also decentrally with the help of semi-natural stormwater concepts. To ensure that stormwater management is sustainable,...

  • Sewer System

    Sewer System

    Sewage systems represent a significant amount of property, plants and equipment. For economical reasons alone it is advisable to keep the depreciation of the sewer system as low as possible through corresponding maintenance, regardless of legal framework requirements and ecological aspects. Maintaining cost efficiency begins by developing adapted, unified and long-term strategies in the sector of rehabilitation. What needs to be considered is that...

  • Assessing Fees and Charges for Water and Waste Services

    Assessing Fees and Charges for Water and Waste Services

    The significant investments in the sector of wastewater disposal have caused local government’s wastewater fees to climb twice as quickly as the cost of living. Since recovery periods have been reached, and plants and organisations optimised, some local governments have been able to ease such price increases, whereas others have had to increase their fees. Many things repeatedly place fees in the focus of public discussions: as they are...

  • Flow Measurement

    Flow Measurement

    The Hessian State Office for Environment and Geology (HLUG) has recognised FiW as a testing station for flow measurements according to EKVO [Wastewater Self-Monitoring Regulation] in Hesse. The test stations are in charge of conducting those monitoring and testing tasks that require special qualifications, knowledge and experience in the sector of hydraulics and hydrometry.