Robotics Design Inc.

Robotics Design Inc.

Robotics Design Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of industrial modular robots. Since our founding in 1997, Robotics Design Inc. has been devoted to provide innovative products of the highest quality that help our clients perform their work faster, better, and at a lower cost. Our products for the HVAC cleaning and inspection industry include: the ANATROLLER ARI-100 advanced duct cleaning robot, the ANATROLLER ARI-50 advanced duct cleaning robot, the CABLEEYE CDE-100 cable inspection camera and the CABLEEYE CEI-R35 infrared inspection camera. Our manipulator arms for the welding, assembly, pick and place and industrial manipulating markets include the ANAT AMI-100 robot manipulator arm, the ANAT AEI-100 tele-operated manipulator arm and the ANATERGOARM manual ergonomic arm. We provide custom solutions based on our patented ANAT technology for companies with complex technological problems who require an innovative and simple solution, such as the BIXI and the ADC-100.

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2100 Guy Street Suite 200A , Montreal , Quebec H3H 2M8 Canada
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Since its founding in 1997, the Robotics Design group has been a leading corporation in the field of modular robotic technology. It is composed of multiple divisions that share a mission to provide unique and innovative products to serve humanity and simplify their lives while protecting the environment they live in. Each individual division of the Robotics Design group provides specialized products to a wide variety of markets. From inspection to restoration to cleaning to manufacturing and more products being born daily, Robotics Design’s creativity and diversity has set them apart from the competition. Robotics Design continues to form strategic partnerships with research centers and companies who believe in our goal of advancement through simplicity. Our divisions come together when special projects with outside groups are underway, and share their success together by sharing technological advancements, resulting in the most advanced products possible. Our headquarters is located in Montreal, Quebec, and our distributors provide our advanced equipment to satisfied clients across the globe. Robotics Design knows that education shapes the minds of the next generation who will become the leaders of the future. We have provided numerous robots to universities across Canada, and will continue to support education in an effort to further improve society and the world around us.

We are open to new ideas and inventions, and our friendly customer service agents are always waiting for your call, and are always happy to serve you in any way possible.


A.N.A.T. (Articulated Nimble Adaptable Trunk) technology is a new innovation in robotic architecture that allows the creation of highly robust and intelligent robots with reconfigurable modular architectures. This technology was invented by the founder of Robotics Design Inc., Mr. Charles Khaïrallah. In use in over seven ground-breaking products worldwide, ANATtechnology represents robotic architecture of the future.

The invention consists of a series of motorized U and H shaped modules that function much like cells of the human body; they work together to achieve a common goal. These modules connect to each other along four points, allowing them to evenly distribute pressure amongst themselves like the simple yet timeless design of the Roman arches. This allows ANATrobots to carry exceptionally heavy payloads, and withstand pressure applied on any point of their modules. ANATmodules can be configured into a diverse spectrum of robot configurations such as fixed manipulators, mobile robots, flexible ergonomic arms (up to 32 D.O.F.), and much more. Motors are contained in the central axis of each module, so regardless of the quantity or impact point of outside pressure placed on the module, no strain is placed on the motor. These modules have one degree of freedom each, bend and fold relatively to each other along their axis, are highly flexible and able to avoid obstacles with ease. Modules can be connected in a myriad of configurations like Lego blocks, and can be reconfigured from their initial form to form another robot. This allows the same modular technology used in the design of an arc-welder or pick and place manipulator to be re-used in forming a mobile robot such as an unmanned mining vessel or vehicle. A robot using this simple and innovative architecture which performs a single specialized application can be formed by modules varying only in size, or a single robot can be formed to specialize in several applications, with the only variable being attached accessories. This also drastically simplifies and reduces costs for maintenance, as a faulty module can be easily replaced with an identical one. In short, nimble, adaptable and durable modular robots are now possible through our technology, and new products are born into the ANATrobot family daily.

Statistics and publications show that the future of robotic hardware will be modular. Modular robotics is an emerging market, and robots will be made on a custom-design basis. Because of its modularity and flexibility, ANATtechnology is able to respond perfectly to this challenge



The main advantages of using patented ANATtechnology is the simplicity and robustness of the robots it generates, as well as the low cost of manufacturing them (very few types of modules need to be mass produced, and many types of robots can be formed from them). These robots are also highly dexterous and excel at obstacle avoidance in a limited workspace. Their rugged industrial design also allows for a high payload carrying capacity, and they are able to move at high speeds with optimized power consumption. ANATtechnology has an incredibly positive impact on industry productivity, as modularity gives factories the ability to create different products from mass-produced identical modules. Using modularity, the cost of manufacturing robots decreases, and fault tolerance is increased. If a module fails, it can easily be replaced without disrupting the rest of the robot, making repair work simple and cheap. By reducing the cost of manufacturing with modularity, manufacturers will be able to create fully automated factories, and will be able to produce higher quality goods at a more competitive price without moving the factory overseas for cheap labor. Modular robots will be able to replace humans for repetitive tasks, and will be able to perform far more efficiently, which will undoubtedly increase the productivity of countless factories worldwide. This will also help move society from the industrial era to the modern era, allowing a more intellectual workforce that is more concentrated on service and innovation then on repetitive tasks that require little to no skill.



We believe that this Robotics Revolution will allow higher quality goods to be produced faster, with less errors and imperfections, and with less energy consumption. These changes will have a positive effect on the environment while making a company more productive, and we will go as far as to say that once this technology is main-stream, factories that do not take advantage of it will not be able to remain competitive. In the future, robots will also replace humans in a variety of tasks for safety reasons. For security,defense, exploration, mining and other tasks where personal security is threatened, a modular robot will perform, which will stop countless workplace accidents in hazardous environments worldwide. In summary, we believe that ANATtechnology represents the future of robotics, and will improve the world we live in, in ways that few have only dared to imagine.

Robotics Design is an active contributor to the fast paced robotics market that provides a modular approach to fulfill the individual needs of those who serve the environment, industry and security.

Robotics Design is formed of specialized divisions in resolving the evolving challenges of the markets they serve, and the special projects division, which makes your idea into reality. Market divisions with daily experience in making your increasingly complex challenges simple custom tailor these products to be the perfect solution to your specific needs.



The Robotics Design HVAC division develops and manufactures advanced equipment to boost your productivity and establish your duct cleaning company as the leader in its field.

Manual cleaning of air ducts is a mundane and highly time consuming task, which has lead to disastrous accidents and unexpected overhead costs, and can be extremely detrimental to a duct cleaning professional’s health, especially in hazardous environments such as hospitals, or buildings where toxic substances are processed. Duct cleaning robots are the clear solution to these occupational hazards, and these products are on high demand by responsible duct cleaning professionals world-wide.

ANATROLLER™ robots are the most powerful portable robots for professional air brushing in rectangular and circular HVAC ducts. They are precision-machined from a rugged aluminum mono-block designed for years of continuous use in the most severe industrial environments. Multi-functional and completely customizable, these robots are well able to overcome any challenge the duct may present. Combined with their versatility and manoeuvrability, as well as their exceptional obstacle avoidance and surmounting abilities, these robots are established as the most sophisticated equipment in their class. ANATROLLER™ robots increase your duct cleaning company's productivity and efficiency by making your job easier, faster and safer.

By choosing ANATROLLER™ advanced duct cleaning equipment, you are able to efficiently perform residential, commercial and industrial jobs from start to finish with a single worker. Most importantly, this shows clients that you care about providing the highest quality of work, as well as showing your employees your concern for their health. For productivity, quality and safety, choose ANATROLLER™ robots to easily get the job done properly and punctually, distinguishing your company as the leader in its field and a defender of the environment.

The Robotics Design aqueduct and sewer inspection division is specialized in the development of turnkey solutions for inspection and maintenance of underground water and sewer systems. ANAT robots take full advantage of every inch in confined spaces to eliminate challenges and perform complex tasks quickly and efficiently, and their durability ensures these benefits are sustainably delivered without fail.   

We are in the process of forming numerous strategic partnerships with research centres and companies which will result in vastly more efficient inspection times and reliability then standard CCTV methods. Combined with Robotics Design’s own innovations, the Diskovery, which is currently under development, provides a fresh, and more cost effective way to inspect and repair underground water and sewer systems with minimal effort and complications.