Schmack Biogas GmbH – stable processes, maximum profit Schmack Biogas AG is a leading German supplier of biogas plants. Established in 1995, the company provides its services through two divisions, namely Planning and Construction and Plant Management and Service, and is one of the few full-service providers in the industry. Apart from technical support, the company focuses on comprehensive microbiological service. Through its newly established subsidiary, Schmack Energie Holding, the company now also invests in the operation of own biogas plants. To date, Schmack Biogas has built 204 plants with a combined nominal output of approx. 61 MW.

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Bayernwerk 8 , Schwandorf , Bavaria 92421 Germany

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)
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Schmack Biogas GmbH
Schmack Biogas – turnkey provider for biogas technologies and gas processing.

Schmack Biogas is one of the leading German supplier of biogas plants. Since 1995, the company has been setting the standard for efficient biogas plants, on which farmers as well as energy companies rely. Worldwide, the company has installed 250 plants with a total capacity of over 100 MW. Since January 2010, Schmack Biogas has been part of the Viessmann Group.

The company today provides its services in the areas of project development and plant construction as well as service and operational oversight, and this makes it one of the few full-service providers in the industry. As well as providing technical support, the main focus is on delivering comprehensive service in the field of microbiology.

Schmack was the first company in Germany to feed biogas into the natural gas grid. The technologies and methods for the processing and feed-in of biogas are developed by Schmack Carbotech, part of the Schmack Group.

Together with the other Viessmann Groups brands of competence, such as ESS (combined heat-and-power-modules) and BIOFerm (dry anaerobic digestion) we can offer comprehensive solutions in the field of biogas from one single source.

Viessmann Group

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The forward-looking concept for efficient enterprises

'All life needs warmth. If there is no direct warmth from the sun, human beings have to provide it. We feel good when we are warm. That’s a fact. At Viessmann we recognise that truth by creating high quality innovative products as part of an overall plan for the future.'

'Efficiency Plus' - our investment for the future

'All mankind fundamentally needs a supply of energy. Without it, there would be no light during the dark hours, no hot meals and no protection against the cold of winter. Heat is fundamental to creating a feeling of wellbeing and is a mark of affluence.

After decades of wastefulness, we are finally coming to realise that energy and other raw materials, as well as mankind's labour, are valuable commodities. We must deploy these resources efficiently, i.e. sustainably, if we want to preserve the standards of our current quality of life for future generations.

At the same time, we are shocked by the predictions issued by climate scientists that the heating of the planet, for which mankind is largely responsible, is progressing much faster than had previously been thought.

Both problems together – the forthcoming shortage of fuel and raw materials plus the threat emanating from the climate change – are probably the greatest challenges facing us today.

However, climate change is no natural event to which we have to succumb without response. Politicians have thrown down an ambitious challenge to combat it – and we can achieve the goals they have set.

With the model 'Efficiency Plus', we want to demonstrate in our facilities the things that any business and any household can actively do to promote climate protection and to reduce their own energy bills. With 'Efficiency Plus', we are demonstrating at our head office in Allendorf that tomorrow's objectives in respect of global warming can be achieved today with technology that is already on the market.

If nothing else, these actions strengthen our competitiveness and secure jobs.'