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  • Process Filtration - Chemicals & Minerals

  • Centrifuge Filters

    Centrifuge Filters

    Sefar products for centrifuge filters are matched to the filter machines used, whether they are peeler centrifuges, bag centrifuges or inverting filter centrifuges. Our ready-made solutions are based on optimized Sefar designs that have been proven in use over many years. Thanks to our wide range of fabrication capabilities and technologies, we are able to provide customer-specific products for optimal fit and function.

  • Vacuum Belt Filters

    Vacuum Belt Filters

    The belts for continuous and discontinuous vacuum belt filters are matched to the requirements of the system, and the customer’s needs. Belts can be manufactured in widths up to 6 m. As well as our innovative closure system, edge seals complete our offering to suit your application.

  • Filter Press Cloths

    Filter Press Cloths

    Sefar's filter cloths are adapted to the different needs of the customers, like plate dimension, cake weight, particle retention or productivity. As a result, Sefar has developed a wide range of standard and specific designs, making up options for fixations, barrel and rubber neck, or sealing.

  • Horizontal Disc Filter Cloths

    Horizontal Disc Filter Cloths

    Sefar’s filter discs are characterized by their precise fit and easy installation. The disc edges can be fabricated using laser cutting, hemmed or taped with optional cord. In our wide range of filter materials (polypropylene, polyester, PEEK and PTFE fabric), we can supply you with the optimal solution for your application’s chemical and thermal requirements.

  • Process Filtration - Environmental

  • Rotary Drum Filter Belts

    Rotary Drum Filter Belts

    Sefar produces belts and drum filter covers for different filter types and their applications. Sefar’s modular manufacturing concept provides optimized filter bands for drum filters and processes.

  • Coolant Belts Filter

    Coolant Belts Filter

    In collaboration with leading manufacturers custom-made filter belts for coolant filtration have been developed for vacuum, pressure, suction and gravity filtration systems. The belts are tailor-made to the requirements of equipment. In addition to the innovative closure system, edge sealing, magnetic strips and transport bars are available to perfectly suit your application.

  • SEFAR TETEX - Model NF - Dust Collector Bags Filter

    SEFAR TETEX - Model NF - Dust Collector Bags Filter

    Under the brand SEFAR TETEX NF we offer a comprehensive range of filter bags for dust filtration systems in the milling industry.On request, customized sizes are available In addition to the standard sizes.

  • Model X-600 - Baghouse Filters

    Model X-600 - Baghouse Filters

    The X-600 is a unique, patented, pleated filter used in finishing of titanium dioxide pigment and other applications. It surpasses the performance of any regular bags on the market and can increase service life by more than 100%. Outstanding results of 54 months have been shown for product lifetime. This represents the longest lifetime for any micronizer bag house lifetime in the world. This success is mainly due to a heavy duty assembly, using...