Swedish Exergy AB

Swedish Exergy AB

Exergy is the available work potential of energy and therefore the usable part of the total energy. As an industrial system performs, its function exergy is used to perform said function. Our technologies maximize the usable part of Energy and are therefore called Exergy technologies. Exergy technologies are ideally suited for sustainable development by maximizing usable part of the energy and minimizing losses. Our technologies minimize energy usage in all industry sectors and help produce renewable energy in form of bio-mass, bio-fuels, next generation ethanol and methanol, green diesel, waste to clean energy projects like sludge and household waste to green energy.

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Gamla Rambersgvägen 34 , Gothenburg , SE-417 01 Sweden

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Internationally (various countries)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

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The Exergy Super-heated Steam Drying technology was developed at Chalmers University in Gothenburg in the mid of the 70s, and was commercialised by one of the first seed companies from Chalmers, named Swedish Exergy Technology AB.

The first installation was for drying of CTMP pulp at Rockhammars Pulp Mill, which was commissioned in 1978. The plant is still in service with increased capacity. Since then several installations in Scandinavia and around the globe have been designed and built by the Exergy team.

We serve a wide range of industies.  Energy sector,  Sugar  Industry, Bio-mass and Bio-fuel production, feed and fuel production, sludge treatment,  waste treatment,  nuclear  waste treatment, and many more sectors are our clients.

We are marketing and supplying the Exergy Super-heated Steam Dryer (SHSD), Exergy Air-Stream Dryer (ASD) and Exergy Bed Dryer (EBD), Exergy Forced Circualtion and Falling  fiim evaporation  Technologies on world-wide basis with offices in Sweden, Germany, India and well establised network of sales and marketing agents around the globe. Contact details are listed on contacts page.