The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is an independent body set up by the Dutch private and public sectors in the Netherlands to act as a national coordination and information centre for water-related issues abroad. The principal aims of the NWP are to harmonise the activities and initiatives of the Dutch water sector abroad and to promote Dutch expertise in water worldwide. The NWP is the channel through which government bodies, NGOs, knowledge institutes and private organisations in the water sector share information on their activities and services. The NWP has 135 members: 71 private sector companies, 24 public authorities, 19 knowledge institutes, 14 NGOs and 7 water supply companies.

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Bezuidenhoutseweg 2, P.O. Box 82327 , The Hague , 2508 2508 Netherlands

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Professional association
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

The Netherlands Water Partnership unites the Dutch water sector

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) is a comprehensive  network that unites Dutch water expertise. The partnership, consisting of members from private companies, government, knowledge institutes and NGOs, acts as a centre of information on water expertise, policy developments and market opportunities. But NWP is more than an information source, the organisation also  initiates, coordinates and executes projects for its members, such as trade missions, exhibitions and conferences.

By putting our heads together, we can achieve more in solving global water related challenges. A united voice is stronger than 200 voices. Moreover, by entering markets in clusters, offering expertise as a one-stop-shop, Dutch companies increase their world market share considerably. In the Netherlands as well as abroad, the NWP is the gateway to all you need to know about the Dutch Water Sector and its solutions to global water related challenges.

The Netherlands Water Partnership is a foundation, which consists of a board and an operational office. Furthermore, NWP makes use of in- house water expertise: specialists working at one of NWP’s member organisations coordinate NWP projects at NWP on a parttime basis.

The board of NWP
The board of NWP is represented by directors coming from different fields of the Water Sector (government, knowledge institutes, business, social organisations). This diversity of expertise represented in the board makes it a sound reflection of the sector itself. Director of the board is Prof. dr. ing. S. (Sybe) Schaap.


  • Ir. L. (Luitzen) Bijlsma, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment - representative of the national Government
  • Ir. A.J. (Harry) Baayen, Deltares - representative of knowledge institutes
  • Drs. T.J.J. (Theo) Schmitz, VEWIN - representative of water supply companies
  • Ir. W.J. (William) van Niekerk, Royal BAM Group - representative of contractors
  • Ir. L. (Lute) Broens, Norit Process Technology Ltd. - representative of manufacturers
  • R.O.T. (Rene) Zijlstra, Royal Haskoning - representative of consulting companies
  • F.A. (Frank) Verhoeven, Royal Boskalis Westminster - representative of hydraulic engineering companies
  • G.J. (Gerard) Doornbos, The Rijnland District Water Control Board - representative of Regional Water Authorities

Operational Office NWP
The NWP office is strategically located in the Hague, at the heart of the political centre of the Netherlands, just across the street from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and only one minute walk from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The operational organisation consists of about 30 people, coming from different fields of expertise. These professionals work hard everyday; to signal and communicate business opportunities and policy changes, set up long term strategic business development trajectories for consortia of businesses, organise events, and act as a first gateway to the sector for members as well as for external parties. Director of NWP Lennart Silvis is responsible for the daily management of the NWP office.

In-house expertise
Network spots Apart from NWP’s own project officers, the operational office also “borrows” experts who work for member organizations. These networkers are employed for their expertise on a certain market, technology or concept. By actively working together with networkers, NWP stays on top of developments in the sector and reacts correctly and timely to market opportunities.

Over 10 years already, the Netherlands Water Partnership has stimulated cooperation and synchronization of all parties that comprise the Dutch Water Sector. By offering an integral solution using nation branding, the Dutch increase their position on the world water market. NWP organises and coordinates projects and events in the Netherlands, on an EU level and in the rest of the world.

On a national level, the NWP facilitates and stimulates:

  • Innovation Program Water Technology
  • Network Delta Technology
  • WASH
  • Human Capital Water

On a European Level:

  • European Water Partnership (EWP)

On an international level NWP focuses on a select number of foreign markets, which offer considerable business/cooperation opportunities. This prioritisation results from extensive research and is in line with the focus of the Partners for Water Program.

NWP communicates opportunities and developments, brings member organisations together, and organises and coordinates projects on different water-related markets. These projects can be one-time trade exhibitions, seminars, or trade missions. On some markets however, a strong public private consortium is necessary, to permanently set foot on the ground. For these countries, the NWP coordinates so called Country Platforms: structural cooperation between a selected number of dedicated public and private organisations focused on a single market.