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Tideflex Technologies was the original inventor and manufacturer of duckbill style check valve and has continued to enhance and refine the design and performance of this product. The duckbill check valve is inherently a variable orifice device which changes it`s effective opening area with respect to the internal pressure and mass flowrate through the unit. This flexibility can be incorporated into the design of the unit so that it will also perform as a variable flow nozzle. Enhancing velocity discharge and momentum within a fluid body is the key in achieving adequate mixing. Along with designing duckbill check valves for non-restrictive backflow prevention, Tideflex Technologies also designs and manufactures mixing systems which utilize this variable orifice technology and the unique Tideflex Hydrodynamic Nozzles.

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Since 1953, Red Valve Company is the Trusted Global Leader of Innovative, Manufactured Valve Products and Engineered Systems

Red Valve has been building its industry reputation by consistently developing and delivering great solutions for its customers.  The people of Red Valve have, through their attitudes and actions, built a position of reliability, the trusted source. Red Valve has grown geographically as it has grown in technical knowledge and capability to be the global leader in this sector.

Red Valve prizes innovation and creativity, with a wealth of patents and best approaches for customers' needs.  The company manufactures a wide array of fluid flow valve products and engineered systems -- customized to meet the particular needs of the customer.  This has been how we have earned our recognition in the industries and markets we serve -- by being the reliable answer to customers' requirements, wherever, whenever, and whatever best solves their problems in their unique situations.

Twenty years of proven field operation, research and development, and continued engineering enhancements have combined to make the Tideflex Model TF-1 today’s most reliable duckbill check valve. The bill design is formed in a curve that returns to a closed position every time, achieving the tightest possible seal for backflow applications, particularly at low flow rates. The eccentric flat-bottom design allows installation where the invert of the pipe is close to the floor, and the stronger engineered spine provides long-term performance while handling long-term water weight. No other manufacturers can produce this design with these state-of-the-art features. When you specify the Tideflex TF-1 Curved Bill Check Valve, you’re guaranteed to receive a product with a proven record of maintenance-free backflow prevention.

Tideflex Technologies A Division of Red Valve Company, Inc.

 Red Valve Company is the world’s leader in pinch valve technology. Twenty years ago Red Valve introduced the revolutionary Tideflex Duckbill Check Valve. Since then, it has become the world standard for maintenance free backflow prevention.

The design flexibility of the Tideflex Duckbill Check Valve has led to innovative applications such as variable orifice nozzles for use in mixing and dispersion systems. This innovation led to the development of multi-port mixing systems and the formation of a separate design division within Red Valve Company called Tideflex Technologies.

The Tideflex Technologies Division designs single check valve applications, diffused aeration and mixing systems, mixing systems for potable water storage tanks, high rate wastewater recirculation systems, and effluent diffuser outfall systems. The development of the Tideflex Mixing System (TMS) for mixing water storage tanks has led to a full line of NSF Certified products as well as the implementation of NSF certified clean room fabrication facilities located within our Gastonia, NC plant.

The Tideflex Technologies Division has a staff of professional engineers and designers who have developed specialized hydrodynamic mixing models for use with the design of all Tideflex’s mixing systems. This staff is available to assist you with the design of those difficult applications and explain how the Tideflex product line can provide unique and cost effective solutions. You can contact Tideflex Technologies direct or utilize our extensive network of local sales representative companies.