When ULMA was founded by Ulf Eliasson and Martin Karlsson it was a company in Svenljunga in the Southern part of Western Gotaland, Sweden, which sold measurement equipment for the industry. That part of the company was sold in 2006. From 2004 we have only worked with products for heating, but Ulf started in the heating business 17 years ago, so the interest for heating has existed for a long time. In 2004 we designed and manufactured our first pellet burner and have during the past years tested and improved the product.

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Energigatan 11 , Svenljunga , 512 53 Sweden

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)
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ULMA AB does not only manufacture heating products, but also equipment for disabled persons and wood processing machines, has a complete mechanical equipment such as CNC machines, edging presses, power-shears, lathes, mig-mag-tig welding etc. All products for heating marketed by ULMA AB have been manufactured by ULMA AB. No manufacturing is made abroad, only Swedish-made details
Products for environmentally friendly heating.


Exclusive distribution agreement
ULMA AB have established an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Cobtech Renewables Ltd for sole Distribution for ULMA Products in The Southern African Region and Australasia. In addition Cooperation Agreements have been established with Plantation Energy Australia Pty Ltd Albany WA and Afripex Pty Ltd Cape Town South Africa.

South africa
The first Dedicated Wood Pellet Energy Demonstration Project held in Cape Town South Africa during April 2013 proved to be a great success.

Meetings and visits by Members of Environment & Housing Developments Western Cape Government, Suppliers/Designers of hydronic heating systems and wood pellet suppliers, demonstrated successfully at firsthand the real advantages of efficient and cost effective CO² neutral pellet heating systems. The Technology & Systems supplied and supported by ULMA AB Sweden and Afripex (Pty) Ltd SA, proved to be ideally suited to the demanding requirements of The African Regions.


Pellets are a renewable biofuel contained in the natural cycle. Pellets adds no new carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Thus, you will help reduce the strain on our environment. It is a domestic product that is both locally produced and made from local raw material. Pellets are by far the cheapest way to heat the house. To warm their house with oil is 70% more expensive and heating with electricity is twice as expensive.