USA Biozym Microbial Technology Inc.

USA Biozym Microbial Technology Inc.

USA Biozym Microbial Technology Inc.

The USA BIOZYM MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY INC. sets the mark for environmental safe bacteria and enzyme products. Our business is to provide all-natural formulas that can be used to safely clean up organic pollutants in our environment,especially used for aquarium.

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3592 Rosbnead Blvd. Ste B#220 , Rosbmead , California 91770 USA
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Biozym-tech is a world leader in bioinnovation. We are committed to the researchment and development of microorganism and microbial enzymepreparations, improving the environment by using microorganism. Helping us to achieve natural health solutions in many fields of practical applications. Presently, BIOZYM has successfully isolated and saved more than 3,000 kinds of microorganism globally from the natural environment, and apply this technology into different areas.Current application fields mainly include:aquaculture, crops, animal husbandry, environmental protection and aquarium and other industries, providing dozen types of products, and our microbial researching provides excellent and sustainable solutions for ever-changing future market demands.

Research and development

A considerable proportion of the employees are engaged in research and development of new and more consumer friendly products for the international microbiology industry.

Biozym's applicable areas:

  • Aquatic animal
  • Agri & Animal
  • Aquaculture
  • WasteWater Treatment

Biodiversity theory

Biodiversity is the basis of ecological theory, aquarium or pond is a small ecosystem. As we all known, in ecosystem, the more number of biological species have, the higher energy efficiency of the ecosystem use, the stronger anti-interference to the outside world is, and the faster self-repairing capacity they have, i.e. the higher the biodiversity, the more stable of the ecosystem. Then for the aquarium, the main creatures inside are various types of fish, some tanks have aqua-plants and corals and other invertebrates, and there are many invisible micro-organism. microorganism include beneficial bacteria, harmful fungi and other viruses. Among them, the beneficial bacteria play an important role in helping stabilize the aquatic environment and reducing the incidence of the disease. BIOZYM aquarium products are compounded by choosing a variety of beneficial microbial strains with strong vitality from aquatic environment, which is able to stabilize the aquatic environment better than single nitrification fungus or other bacteria.

Theoretical foundation of species diversity playing the role in facilitating the stability of eco-environment:

  1. Complementarity of ecological niche between different species promotes ecosystem to maximize the utilization of resources.
  2. Many species can promote the growth of other species by means of providing resources or improving the environment conditions.
  3. Competitive effects of species forcing the biological organism to improve self metabolism, enhance the role of resistance to adverse environment.
  4. Even if food-strand breaks of some species due to the environmental degradation does not affect the stability of entire ecosystem.

Biological competition theory

In ecological environment, there is severe biological competition among creatures of the same kind or species. In a certain space, when one kind of organism holds advantages, they will crowd out other species to occupy this space. In the aquatic ecological environment, if beneficial micro-organism are continuously supplemented, they will inhibit the growth of other harmful microorganism, thus maintain the long-term stability of aquatic environment quality and reduce the incidence of diseases.

Ecological balance theory of aquatic organism

Different microorganism play different roles in terms of aquatic environment improvement because there are some differences in their living environment, some live in a place full of oxygen, and some live in place without oxygen, some live on the surface of filter layer, and some even live inside filter layer. According to these characteristics, BIOZYM chooses reasonable proportion of a variety of microorganism to achieve the optimal results according to the growth habit of microorganism living in different places.

Environmental sustainable development theory

Application of microbial preparation technology into waterbody improvement is breeding efficient strains to dispose polluted water, the process is based on enzymatic reaction by using specific proteins with catalytic action produced from the biological body as a catalyst to purify dirty water, decompose excrements, eliminate odor, degradate nitrogen and phosphorus and inhibit algae growth. The main advantage of microbial preparation technology is being capable of rapidly increasing the concentration of microorganism in polluted waterbody and it is expected to improve biodegradation rate of pollutants in the short term, its biological reaction conditions are mild, with a good ecological safety.

'Leading nature' has been the purpose of BIOZYM, the natural solution can significantly reduce the chemical reagents to improve water quality, decompose organic waste in water and reduce water pollution and reduce sewage discharges, and it's following the sustainable development theory of environment protection and energy conservation, achieving a win-win situation of the fun of raising fish and ecological and environmental protection.