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Wedeco was founded in 1976 in Herford, Germany to develop chemical-free and environmentally friendly water treatment technologies, including ultraviolet light and ozone systems. There are more than 250,000 installed Wedeco systems for UV disinfection and ozone oxidation globally in private, public utility and industrial locations. Wedeco introduced ozone technology in 1988 and has been expanding internationally ever since. UV disinfection systems have a number of applications including water treatment and aquaculture. Ozone disinfection systems have applications in drinking water, wastewater, process water, product polishing, bleaching, ozonolysis / synthesis and deodorization.

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Boschstr. 4 , Herford , 32051 Deutschlan Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Wedeco UV systems offer customers an alternative to environmentally-harmful chemicals used for disinfection including chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and hypochlorite. UV disinfection is adapted from the natural action of sunlight and is extremely versatile. UV light can be used for disinfecting water, destroying harmful microorganisms in other liquids, on surfaces, and in the air. Wedeco UV systems are suited for the disinfection of drinking water, process water, wastewater, salt water, ultrapure water, and other translucent fluids, such as sugar syrup.

Ozone is one of the strongest industrially producible oxidizing agents, and is commonly used for the treatment of water in municipal and industrial applications. The special advantage of ozone is the environmentally-friendly way in which it works. Harmful substances, colors, odors, and microorganisms are destroyed directly by oxidation, without the formation of harmful, chlorinated by-products. Apart from the treatment of drinking water and wastewater, Xylem’s Wedeco ozone systems are used in bleaching processes, such as paper bleaching, as well as in other industrial oxidation processes.

Xylem’s Wedeco brand also offers Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) solutions that are intended to eliminate a wide variety of toxic compounds and microscopic pollutants. Xylem’s Wedeco pre-engineered AOP systems are based on three key components – ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and UV light generated by low-pressure, high-intensity lamp technology. By combining these technologies, Xylem is able to meet customer’s individual requirements.

Ozone has been used for over 100 years for the treatment of drinking water and for the improvement of its quality. The disinfecting capability of UV light has also been well-known for a long time. However, the actual development of these two environmentally friendly technologies into an integral part of modern water treatment only started just under three decades ago. WEDECO contributed to this development considerably!

We have continuously advanced the development of UV disinfection and ozone oxidation through fundamental research and, in doing so, have produced genuine pioneer work. Thanks to our innovations it is also possible to use these technologies in a sustainable manner today, for example for the disinfection of drinking water or in paper bleaching – in a more economically efficient way than ever before.


Our energy for greater energy efficiency

We constantly invest a high portion of our energy in the development of high-tech components, systems and equipment as well as in the study of new areas of application for UV and ozone. In doing so, we have always given special attention to the increase in energy efficiency of our WEDECO products. As a result, our patented Spektrotherm® UV lamps already have a three times higher performance yield today compared with typical energy-saving lamps.

Passionate researchers

In close co-operation with national as well as international research establishments, with renowned companies as well as through direct co-operation with customers, new possibilities of application are permanently developed and tried-and-tested techniques are improved.
For this purpose we provide modern, stationary laboratory equipment as well as mobile test systems. Highly-qualified employees, skilled in the areas of chemistry, physics, microbiology, process engineering, electronics and environmental technology contribute their special know-how.

You can continue to expect well-engineered equipment and innovations from Xylem in the future. You are encouraged to fuel our passion for discovering new things and discuss your ideas with us.

We at Xylem do not only construct equipment - we plan them from scratch; according to your individual requirements if necessary. We do not differentiate between simple installations, small special solutions or unique large-scale projects: You always receive a WEDECO solution which suits!

The treatment of water, sewage sludge or cellulose is in most cases an extremely complex process. Many process steps have to be attuned to one another, adapted to local conditions and set to special parameters. Especially in the industrial and municipal scale, the need for individually planned equipment concepts is shown. We at Xylem have specialised in these tasks.

Individual WEDECO systems, standardised for your process

We have developed our WEDECO UV and ozone systems in such a way that they can be adapted to the most varied of conditions or customer requests. Standardised variants, optional equipment or modular construction allow for such a high degree of individualisation with strict cost control at the same time. We select the ideal solution together with you from an extensive range of configurable types of devices. We have also optimised our production on this principle. Thanks to this, short delivery times and a consistently high quality standard are respected.

More than just equipment construction - project development

Our project engineers know what needs to be done. If necessary, all important steps are planned, drawn, calculated and measured in advance from the idea up to the installation onsite. Interdisciplinary teams work out the projects together according to the focus. Specialised in water treatment, we also realise the most diverse applications, such as ozone oxidation in paper bleaching, in sewage sludge disintegration or for surface treatment. Apart from a high level of training, experience of many years in international project management is our secret to success. In close coordination with you and the accompanying project team, custom-made systems are created, designed and produced in this way, especially for you!

Even beyond the planning phase you can expect more from Xylem. From the study of new areas of application and the installation right up to the regular maintenance of your WEDECO equipment, Xylem employees perform numerous services in a professional manner.

WEDECO systems for UV disinfection and ozone oxidation are one of the best and most progressive systems in the area of water purification. It is not just the many years of experience and the mechanical skills of highly qualified specialists are behind this success. We plan, develop, and accurately your solution – in doing so, the same production and quality standards always apply, from the smallest to the largest of installations.

WEDECO high-tech – made by Xylem

Whether small UV devices for private use, standard systems, systems mounted on frames, containerized systems or planned large-scale installations for industrial and municipal applications: all WEDECO UV and ozone systems and their core components are developed, produced and finally 100 % tested in the German Xylem facilities in Herford and Essen. State-of-the-art production methods, optimised material control and sophisticated process organisation ensure that we can provide the flexibility and the quality edge valued by our customers worldwide.


The WEDECO capital: Our employees

What is much more important than good organisation or modern tools and machinery are our employees, whose passion for perfection is in each of our WEDECO systems. We consistently rely on well-trained and experienced specialists in every production step. Many of our employees - whether mechanics, fitters or electrical engineers – have already been working for over 20 years company.


Our philosophy extends beyond the factory gate

Incidentally, the WEDECO philosophy includes not „only” supplying the technical equipment to you but supplying, preparing and making applicable the total know-how. Worldwide. From the conception of your specific application and the equipment construction right up to the smooth installation and maintenance onsite.

Briefly: In Summary: However stringent your requirements, you will receive a high-quality and economical state-of-the-art solution from Xylem, which is appropriate for your needs. - Guaranteed

Irrespective of whether you wish to eliminate microorganisms in wastewater, disinfect public drinking water or treat process water for industrial purposes - the equipment used must function reliably and faultlessly. Therefore we at Xylem attach particularly high importance to the quality of our WEDECO products and services. This starts with the selection of appropriate materials and goes through the entire development and production process, right up to certification in accordance with international standards.

High-quality materials for lasting use

Special rules apply in our company concerning the selection of appropriate materials: We only use materials and components which meet the requirements of the market and which are certified by supervisory authorities such as the DVGW or ÖVGW if necessary. We too set high standards: The materials used may not only have to resist lasting contact with water and other highly corrosive media; intensive UV light or highly reactive ozone also requires special material qualities. We ensure our quality requirement by manufacturing as many components as possible ourselves. As such, Xylem is one of the few manufacturers of UV equipment with its own UV lamp production.


Quality is relived each day

Beyond material quality, we rely on consistently high quality standards in all divisions of the company. Our active quality management system is geared towards internationally applicable standards and now meets the current standard DIN EN ISO 9001. Moreover, product quality and manufacturing processes are constantly monitored and optimised in continuous “kaizen” improvement processes. Established quality controls give us and you the security of knowing that WEDECO UV and ozone systems will always operate reliably. Thus, all WEDECO products are 100 % tested in our own test facilities.

Certifications create confidence

In order to objectively support our quality statements, WEDECO equipment is certified according to the highest standards whenever required, such as the American UL standard for electronic components or the European pressure equipment directive (97/23/EC). In regards water disinfection with UV light, we have even defined strict standards together with the German certification body in Bonn, which are now meeting with the highest recognition worldwide as a DVGW certification ( German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water). The general rule is: If a quality directive is required somewhere for permissible operation, there is always a WEDECO system which fulfils it, rest assured.