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  • WESTON-Developed Technology

    With over fifteen years experience in developing technology applications, WESTON maintains a full staff of IT professionals to serve our clients’ needs. WESTON developed these Web-based applications to provide the power of desktop, portable PDAs and Tablets, and server applications with the flexibility and accessibility of the Web.

  • RespondFast - Information Technologies

    RespondFast - Information Technologies

    WESTON has developed RespondFastSM Information Technologies to enhance and expedite the award-winning services WESTON provides for our strategic clients. Whether you need to collect samples in the field, monitor ambient air, or respond quickly to an environmental disaster, WESTON’s RespondFastSM systems caters to your needs better, faster, and cheaper.

  • AuditFast - Compliance System Software

    AuditFast - Compliance System Software

    AuditFast Compliance System is a paperless, Web-accessible system, developed by WESTON, to provide a fast, accurate solution for documenting, tracking, reporting, and resolving OSHA, EH&S, and other audit program findings. By using electronic data from beginning to end, AuditFast enables audits to be completed far ahead of schedule and delivers a high-quality results package. WESTON estimates a savings of 25% to 50% by using AuditFast in...

  • TeamLink - Web-Based Collaborative Workspace Software

    TeamLink - Web-Based Collaborative Workspace Software

    TeamLink is WESTON's Web-based collaborative workspace that is accessible from any computer with Internet access, a Web browser, and a user account. Your project data can be viewed from your office, remote location, or home 24/7. Through the TeamLink application, data can be manipulated and viewed in real time in tabular, graphical, or spatial formats, enabling easier reporting of data. TeamLink charts and data can be imported into other programs,...