Wolf System GmbH

Wolf System GmbH

With approx. 1,250 employees and premises covering 20 hectares WOLF System Germany is one of the most efficient businesses in the industry. A broad range of products, innovative construction systems, motivated employees, as well as state-of-the-art and highly automated production facilities in the field of timber and steel engineering are the basis of the company`s success. We set great store by a consistent range of services from planning to production to assembly. In all phases special emphasis is put on competence and an economical approach. WOLF System Osterhofen processes approx. 30,000 tons of steel each year, thus being one of the biggest sectional steel processors in Europe. Adapted to individual requirements and customer wishes, we build approx. 1,700 concrete tanks and approx. 1,700 buildings each year, using steel, timber and concrete, as well as elaborate material combinations.

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Am Stadtwald 20 , Osterhofen , D-94486 D-94486 Germany

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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1966 – Foundation of Wolf Systembau
The foundation stone for the WOLF System group of companies was laid when Johann Wolf established Wolf Systembau Gesellschaft m.b.H., Scharnstein. Reinforced concrete tanks and silos for agricultural purposes are the first products, and will remain an essential and very successful main pillar of the company afterwards.

The offer for agricultural customers is rounded off by extending the product range to buildings for agricultural use (machinery and storage sheds, barns, annexes, etc.).

1968 – first steps towards going global
The first activities outside Austria are the establishment of a company in Munich. The new distribution and planning office builds reinforced concrete tanks and silos in Germany.

1974 – WOLF in France
Another step towards internationalization is made by establishing the French subsidiary with a production unit in Leutenheim.

1975 – prefabricated houses as a new main pillar Start of the development and production of prefabricated houses in Scharnstein.     

1980 – new location in Bavaria
After buying a timber construction company in Osterhofen, Lower Bavaria, the Munich company is relocated to the new site.

1986 – WOLF System goes Italy
Foundation of WOLF System SRL in Freienfeld, Italy.     

1987 – WOLF in Switzerland
Foundation of System WOLF AG in Rüthi, Switzerland.     

1989 – opening up the markets in Hungary and Great Britain
Foundation of WOLF System Epitoipari Kft. in Kaposvár, Hungary, and WOLF Systems Ltd. in Coventry, England.     

1991–1999 – years of expansion
Further locations in the Czech Republic (WOLF SYSTEM spol. s r.o.), Poland (WOLF System sp. z o.o.), Slovakia (WOLF SYSTEMBAU spol. s r.o.), France (WOLF Connexion S.a.r.l.), Berlin, Russia (WOLF System CIS), Tenerife (WOLF Canarias SLU) and Croatia (WOLF SYSTEM d.o.o.) are established.

2003–2005 – extension and expansion
The marketing of prefabricated houses in Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic, the production of prefabricated houses and timber constructions in Scharnstein, as well as the production sites in Poland and Hungary are extended and expanded.     

2006 – 40th anniversary
40 years of WOLF System – construction of a new administrative building with a 'Competence Centre' in Scharnstein.
Foundation of WOLF System UAB in Siauliu, Lithuania.
WOLF Haus is awarded the „Golden Cube“, a German prize for prefabricated houses.     

2007 – WOLF now also in Latvia
Foundation of WOLF System SIA in Cesis, Latvia.
Erection of the new Builder's Studio and expansion of steel processing at WOLF System GmbH in Osterhofen, Germany.
WOLF Haus is again awarded the „Golden Cube“, a German prize for prefabricated houses.
Acquisition of the Klagenfurt-based tank construction company Ing. Lehner Landwirtschaftsbau GmbH & Co KG.     

2008 – further expansion
Foundation of WOLF System SRL in Arad, Romania.
Addition of a storey and adaptation of the administrative building of WOLF System GmbH in Osterhofen, Germany.

2009 – new construction in Russia
Laying of the cornerstone for a new administrative building with production facilities for steel and timber processing in Detchino, Russia.

2010 – WOLF is busy all the time
Foundation of WOLF SISTEM d.o.o. in Orehova vas, Slovenia.
Foundation of Wolf System-Construcción Técnica S.L.U. in Barcelona, Spain.

2011 – extension and expansion
New construction of an office for Wolf Connexion S.a.r.l. in Limay, France.
Erection of a prefabricated house production facility, a new central warehouse and an assembly shop on the company premises in Osterhofen, Germany.

2012 – expansions and new constructions
Foundation of WOLF System TOV (Ukraine), WOLF System OÜ (Estonia) and WOLF System Edinolichnoye Vladenie (Belarus).
New construction of a production hall in Stolpen (Germany), a warehouse and production hall in Cesis (Latvia) and a steelmaking hall in Detchino (Russia).

Extension of the company premises, erection of a loading hall and a new central warehouse on the company premises in Scharnstein, Austria.
Erection of a new office in Rüthi (Switzerland) as well as a 3-storey administration centre featuring an exhibition building on the roof in Freienfeld (Italy).

2013 – continued success
Extension of the office wing, the steel hall and the warehouse building, as well as new construction of a pedestrian bridge at the company premises in Osterhofen, Germany.

New construction of an office in Cesis, Latvia, as well as an exhibition building with office in Siemianowice Sl., Poland.     

2014 – constant expansion of company premises in Osterhofen
New construction of a wood impregnation hall 90.0 x 15.0 m on the company premises in Osterhofen.
Expansion of the company premises in Poland and Hungary with a production hall for timber elements for agricultural purposes.
Foundation of a new company in Omsk, Russia.