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- Model XFCG4 6200/6201EX - Explosion-proof Flow Computer



Based on XSeries technology, the XFCG4 6200EX series offers an explosion proof product for differential or linear metering and automation systems. The XFCG4 6200EX series are accurate, reliable flow computers with the capability to measure and monitor gas flow in compliance with AGA, API and ISO standards. These units are expandable, provide exceptional control and meet many automation requirements.

Explosion-proof flow computer with expandable XSeriesG4 technology:

  • Low cost, high reliability design
  • Cast aluminum enclosure, powder coated
  • Low power consumption
  • Programmable DP no flow cut-off
  • Stable time base (accurate integration)
  • Support for gas orifice, linear, coriolis primary elements
  • Flow retention during user sensor calibration
  • Software selectable (RS232/RS485/RS422) communications ports

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