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This unique association allows to Actiflo Carb of being a competitive polishing process for WTPs, to remove emerging pollutants and pesticides present in natural water resources. PAC use, also allows of removing partly NOM (Natural Organic Matter), which can be adsorbed. More recently, Actiflo Carb has been used in an Industrial water treatment plant, in order to eliminate colour and TOC pollution.

The operating characteristics of the Actiflo Carb process are the same as for Actiflo, including all the advantages of fast and high treatment performance. In addition to the coagulation, Powdered Activated Carbon has a micro porous structure that physically adsorbs water pollutants. Those compounds to be eliminated are trapped in the PAC micro-pores which offer a very large specific adsorption surface area.

Being an integral part of the Actiflo Carb process, PAC ensures a high elimination efficiency of pollutants, hence contributing significantly to the improvement of water quality.

For its Actiflo Carb technology, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies recommends using the PICAHYDRO AFP, PAC series designed and developed by its own subsidiary PICA. Made from 100% renewable and sustainable raw materials, PICA’s PAC series offers the best performance for the elimination of pollutants.

Actiflo Carb is recommended for:

  • Drinking water, for enhanced removal of NOM, pesticides, emerging micro-pollutants, micro-algae as well as taste and odour
  • Process water, for NOM treatment and water polishing
  • Wastewater, for the removal of compounds that cannot be eliminated by biological treatment
  • Reuse, for tertiary treatment and effluent polishing

Depending on raw water quality and the performance levels to be achieved, Actiflo Carb is also available in the Actiflo Twin Carb configuration.

This unique set-up consists of two treatment units operating in series to maximize NOM removal while reducing the installation footprint. Actiflo Twin Carb consists of a first clarification stage (Actiflo or Actiflo Turbo) followed by a polishing treatment stage (Actiflo Carb or Actiflo Turbo Carb). Especially suited to treat water with a high load of pollutants, Actiflo Twin Carb makes it possible to reduce the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) content in raw water from 15 mg/l to 2 mg/l or less.

  • Advanced treatment based on PAC use
  • Maximum NOM removal
  • Polishing of treated water
  • Compatibility with other upstream clarification processes: Actiflo, Actiflo Turbo, Multiflo, other clarifiers, DAF, Spidflow…
  • High rise rate: ≥ 30m/h
  • Very small footprint
  • Easy start-up: within a few minutes
  • Easy refurbishment of existing installations

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