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Concentrators are used for large volumes of gas with a low volume concentration to change those large volumes of air into small ones with higher solvent concentration. This helps to down-size the downstream exhaust gas purification plant on the level of adsorption or oxidation.
ROTAMILL’s exhaust gas purification plants provide an excellent problem-solving-opportunity because of its high technical standard. Thus the activator plants have a genius and economic attractive concept.

While flowing through an adsorbent (activated carbon or zeolite), the solvent in the gas is adsorbed and the clean gas can be blown into the atmosphere. After the adsorbent is saturated, the phase of desorption is started automatically. Hot gas or water vapor will be given to the adsorbent within the reverse flow. Throughout the condensation the solvents are liquefied and can be reused after an eventually needed additional processing.

Double- or group plants consist of two or more connected adsorption buckets. Those swap between ad- and desorption so that the functioning is given continuously.

The functional principle of the concentrator is mainly as above mentioned. In difference here the adsorption surface turns continuously, to provide the function of all processes at the same time. The desorption takes place through heated air in the reverse flow. This air is concentrated and leaded through a downstream exhaust gas purification plant. 

Area and industries of application

  • Surface cleaning
  • Tire production
  • Print industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
    and more

Chemical plants
Double-adsorbent-plant: Air volume: 2,000 m³/h, Solvent: methylene chloride, dichlorethane.
All parts that contact the product are made of high corrosion resistant stainless steel with upstream acid scrubber, installed in the chemical industry

Double plant
Suitable for outside use, with adjusted adsorbent buckets: Air volume: 20, 000 m³/h, Solvent: toluol,
installed in the rubber industry

Special plant
on the basis of polymer-adsorption-resin with indirect hot-gas-desorption for water and decomposition free solvent recovery, Air volume: 2,500 m³/h, Solvent: CKW, installed in the surface technology

Concentrator plant
Rotating adsorber with hot-gas-desorption to clean large volumes of gas with a low solvent pollution. The main processed gas stream is cleaned and directly blown into the atmosphere. The therefore resulting smaller and concentrated desorption flow is leaded to an adsorption or combustion plant.

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