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- Model DIL 554 - Aerosol Diluter


The dilution system DIL 554 is designed to accurately dilute aerosols to produce a defined particle concentration. It has a stainless-steel housing and is battery-operated. The main application is the verification of test aerosols for testing clean rooms. EN ISO 14644-3 defines the necessity of appropriate dilution systems when using test aerosols for verification. According to Standard VDI 2083 for testing clean rooms and work benches it is compulsory to carry out measurements with increased concentrations in the incoming aerosol. Optical particle counters, e.g. the LAP 340, have a physical limit up to which concentration they work accurate. Is this concentration exceeded errors will inevitably occur. By using the dilutor DIL 554 upstream of a particle counter a dilution of up to 100 can be achieved. For higher dilution ratio cascading is possible. The Diluter DDS 560 has variable dilution ratios and volume flow ranges. Diluter HDS 561 dilute very high, single-stage, up to 1:100000.

  • Constant and reproducible aerosol dilution even under changing operation conditions
  • Continuous control and display of actual dilution ratio
  • By default aerosol dilution ratio of 1:100 at 28,3l/min intake flow rate of a particle counter
  • Designed for mobile use (no auxiliary pressurized air and additional exhaust needed)
  • Long term lifetime and reliability, minimum maintainance required
  • Precise operation in both over and under pressure mode
  • Modifications to user defined requirements (flow rates, dilution ratio) available
  • In combination with particle counters self-priming system

Dilution systems of series DIL can easily be cascaded in order to achieve higher dilution ratios. For instance by cascading a 1:100 and a 1:10 dilution systeme one gets an overall dilution ratio of 1:1000.

  • Validation of laminar air flow boxes/benches and clean room/environments
  • Evaluation of filtration efficiency
  • Measurement of highly concentrated aerosols
  • Basic aerosol research

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