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- CO2 Gas Analyser



To measure % Carbon Dioxide (CO ) in Welding Gas Applications. Lightweight and portable handheld analyser that gives a fast and accurate Carbon Dioxide (CO ) sample measurement in your welding gas mix (e.g. CO ). The levels of Carbon Dioxide gas are measured using a specially customised nondispersive infrared sensor (NDIR) and are displayed in seconds on a large LCD display with a backlight. The Veri-GAS C02 comes with a specially engineered Sample Probe with Pressure Reduction and all the fittings necessary for connection between the Veri-GAS C02 analyser and the source specified. Calibration and Flow Testing is carried out for your application prior to shipping.


  • Measurement range of 0.1% - 100%
  • Accuracy of ± 5% of Reading
  • Safety holster for probe
  • Operator I.D. available
  • Product I.D. selectable
  • Downloader Software to Edit Product & Operator ID’s
  • Adjustable alarm feature with pass/fail indicator
  • Optional Portable Thermal Printer for printing immediate results
  • 7 hours of Battery Life or Mains Power Operated
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy Calibration Method

Sample Probe Features:

  • In-Built Particle Filters
  • Integrated Flow Limiting Devices
  • Easy Connect Fittings for fast connection
  • Armored Tubing

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