Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS)

- Model ASTRA-100 - Geoelctrical Transmitter for EM surveys



Geoelectric transmitter «ASTRA» is designed to create electromagnetic field during geophysical surveys by means of direct current resistivity, induced polarization, frequency-domain (using separate component or impedance measurements) and other electromagnetic methods. The transmitter can be applied to solve only civil tasks, connected with the study of electrical properties of soils and rocks. None of the components of the transmitter or technical ideas are confidential. The exploitation of the transmitter does not lead to negative ecological consequences.

Resolved Tasks: ASTRA-100 can provide transmission distance from the first few meters up to first hundred meters. ASTRA-100 can be used to solve the following tasks:

  • Mineral deposit exploration (oil-and-gas, ore, coal, diamonds, uranium, etc.)
  • Geological mapping (determination of environmental geological structure and lithological composition ofrocks)
  • Geological engineering (groundwater exploration, karst mapping, landslide mapping, etc.)
  • Groundwater exploration (detection of underground waters, including thermal, estimation of the rocks water saturation and the fluid mineralization);
  • Permafrost and glacier research;
  • Ecological problems (research of the underground waters, pollution areas, detection of fracture zones. etc.);
  • geotechnical tasks (studying of the construction bases and pipelines condition, research of underground communications and other industrial objects).

ASTRA-100 can help acquire information about the geoelectric structure ofthe cross-section top part which is useful at interpretation of deep regional, explorative and other researches with the useofartificial and natural fields.

  • Geophysical current source ASTRA-100 can be used for geophysical exploration b y methods of direct current, induced polarization, frequency sounding, impedance frequency sounding, electrical transientand other methods.

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