Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. (AGCOS)

- Model GEPARD-4 - Broadband Multifunction Em Receiver



All-in-One multifunction geophysical EM receiver GEPARD-4 is intended for sensitive and accurate registration of electrical and magnetic fields in wide frequency range, both in natural source and control source modes and wide exploration depth intervals. System works with variety of sensors, including grounded and non-grounded electric lines, high frequency and long period induction coil magnetic sensors, fluxgate magnetometers, aircoils and airloops. Flexible configuration of electrical and magnetic channels allows to increase productivity in the field and collect data sets for several methods and sites with one geometrical field layout.

  • Near-Surface / Mid-Range / Deep Investigations
  • Mining, kimberlites (diamonds), groundwater, oil & gas and geothermal exploration
  • Geological, landslide, faults, melt rock, aquifer and karst mapping
  • Geological engineering, pipeline condition analysis, land reclamation, environmental studies
  • Geodynamic, archaeological, dike and sills, ecological investigations
  • Geological, volcano and earthquake monitoring
  • Permafrost & glacier, deep crust & mantle research

  • All-in-One System – Time and Frequency Domain ground EM data acquisition
  • Stand-Alone System – no external devices (PC, tablets, etc.) needed to carry out field DAQ
  • Field Survey Capabilities:
    • Natural Source: SP, AMT, MT, LMT, MVP, TC
    • Control Source: EP, VES, DES, Electrotomography, Misse-a-la-masse, TDIP, FDIP (Amplitude & Phase), SIP, CSAMT, CSMT, VLF, FDEMS, IEP, TDEM
  • 24-bit geophysical EM data acquisition
  • 4 independent channels (E or H, flexible configuration)
  • 43,000 to 0.00001 Hz effective frequency band
  • Flexible sampling frequencies / operator defined
  • Real-time DAQ parameters monitoring
  • On-screen data processing and results viewing
  • High-speed data transfer modes
  • GPS and cable synchronization options
  • Unlimited number of channels/receivers in data acquisition system
  • Intuitive Hi-Res color touchscreen GUI
  • Manual and Automatic operation modes
  • Short and long range wireless monitoring (optional)
  • Portable, lightweight

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