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- Model Q - Optimal Results With Leading Quality Quicklime Treatment



Akdolit Q (quicklime, CaO) is a solid reagent resulting from the calcination of limestone in a kiln at 900°C or higher. Akdolit Q can be used directly as a ready to use powder or can be slaked and diluted into a milk of lime in a specific application. Akdolit offers high quality quicklime, specially adapted to the milk of lime preparation.

In water treatment, quicklime is used to neutralise water acidity by increasing the pH, and to correct water hardness by bringing it to the calco-carbonic equilibrium (softening or hardening). Quicklime can also decrease the metal concentration in water by precipitation of metal hydroxides due to the increase of pH.

Our range of Akdolit Q reagents meet the EN 12 518 standard for the treatment of water destined for human consumption. Moreover, they correspond to Class 1, having the highest concentration of active reagent, and Type A, containing the smallest amount of impurities.

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