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- Model V-Ray - Ultraviolet Lamp Disinfection System



V-RAY SUS is designed for coil irradiation of small HVAC systems such as unit ventilator PTAC units, heat pumps and single room units where space is limited and low output UVC energy is sufficient to maintain coil and drain pan cleanliness. Common applications include resort and hospitality industry rooms and school classrooms.

V-RAY FO delivers an optimum level of UVC energy to neutralize molds, bacteria and viruses in tight air handling applications where space is limited. Designed for versatility and ease of installment, V-RAY FO does not require complex racking support systems.

V-RAY WD is a UVC lamp disinfection system designed to be subjected to power wash down without removing the lamp from its installation location. Common applications include food processing.


  • UV output regulated to ensure safe levels for room occupants.
  • Ideal for both vertical or horizontal system.
  • Eliminates foul odors.
  • Three lamp sizes for optimal configuration.


  • Eradicates contaminants in the HVAC system including molds and bacteria.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Fixtures can be mounted in any orientation for proper irradiation.
  • Three lamp sizes for optimal configuration.


  • Allows wash down of equipment without removal of UV lamps.
  • Domed quartz sleeves prevent water from contacting lamps.
  • Fixtures can be mounted in any orientation for proper irradiation of target surface.
  • Three lamp sizes for optimal configuration.

UVC Fixturing - Fixturing shall consist of a lamp, lamp mounting clasps, UVC resistant wiring harness, regulated power supply and power supply housing.

UVC Lamp - Each lamp shall contain no more than 5 milligrams of mercury. Lamp output shall be the same as that used in the modeling software. Lamp life shall be 9000 hours with no more than a 20% output loss at the end of the lamps life. Lamps shall be constructed with UVC proof synthetic material bases and shall not produce ozone.

Irradiation – Fixtureless lamps are to be installed in sufficient quantity and in such a manner so as to provide an equal distribution of UVC energy. When installed, the UVC energy produced shall be of the lowest possible reflected and shadowed losses. Note: the applied energy and its distribution shall be verified using third party algorithms and that verification shall be included with the submittal.

Intensity – The minimal UVC energy striking a surface shall be sufficient to continuously destroy a monolayer of mold and bacteria in less than six hours in temperatures of 55-135F. The third party modeling shall include the destruction time for at least four of the most common coil surface microbes.

Lamp Clasp – Lamp Clasps may be permanently or magnetically affixed to the irradiated cavity. They shall be constructed of high memory, plated steel for maximum holding power and corrosion resistance.

Lamp Harness – Shall be of sufficient length to facilitate lamp connection to a remotely located ballast. It shall include a grommet to facilitate safe passage through sheet metal and into the ballast housing. Lamp and Harness shall be capable of being mounted anywhere in the system and/or as shown on the plans. The exterior of the Harness shall be constructed of materials that are resistant to degradation by UVC energy. The materials utilized in the cable assembly shall meet UL VW-1 material ratings.

Power Supply – Power supplies shall be of the high efficiency electronic type matched to the lamp. They shall be UL Recognized and labeled for use in air-streams of 55-135° F. They shall be capable of producing the specified output and organism destruction as listed under Irradiation and Intensity above at no more than 13Watts of power consumption for each square foot of treated, cross sectional plane. The power supply shall incorporate a universal input voltage feature to operate on voltage sources from 100Vac to 277Vac at 50Hz or 60Hz. The ballast shall maintain full output current regulation to the lamp across the entire voltage range. The power factor shall be > 0.85 with minimum of THD (total harmonic distortion). The power supply shall be capable of operating the UVC lamp sufficiently to ensure at least 9000 hours of lamp life while providing greater than 80% of the initial (new lamp) output at “end of Lamp life.'

Installation – Fixturing shall be electrically terminated to within factory supplied ballast housings constructed of galvanized steel and equipped with ½” electrical knock-outs to meet NEC and local electrical codes. The ballast housing shall be capable of installation within the air stream and/or within a secondary compartment of the system. Lamps shall be mounted to irradiate the intended surface(s) as well as all of the available line of sight airstream by proper placement and incident angle reflection. Proper lamp placement shall be consistent with the third party Irradiation and Intensity calculations provided in the submittal if such placement is absent on the plans. The power supply shall be recognized for field wiring on both its input and output terminations for field installation or modification.

Safety – To protect maintenance personnel, all access panels and doors to the UVC assembly and/or within view of the UVC assembly must include mechanical interlock switches to insure that the UVC assembly will be de-energized when any of these accesses are opened.

Independent Testing: For complete safety, the UVGI equipment shall have been tested, Listed and labeled as an integral part of the fan coil unit by the fan coil manufacturer, no exceptions.

  • Safety compliance: UVGI fixtures shall have been tested and recognized with an ETL mark for certification against UL1598 & CSA C22.2 No. 250, UL 1995 & CSA C22.2 No. 236-95, UL 482 and UL 484 for application in ambient temperatures from 0F to 135F.
  • As installed, the device shall not exceed the personal UVC exposure guidelines as provided by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, “Ultraviolet Radiation: TLV Physical Agents 7th Edition” at the position and duration provided: 1 hour of exposure at the outlet plane and 8 hours of exposure at 36” from the outlet plane.
  • FCC compliance as an RF lighting device to part 18, consumer limit.

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