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The heated sample lines are manufactured according to the clients specification and completely confectioned in the factory at a fixed length. The heating element used in this type of heated line is an autoregulated ribbon. The heated line is secured closely to the sample carrier tube, thus eliminating the occurrence of cold zones or spots in the heated line, and therefore also eliminating the incidence of potential blockage. We offer a variety of standard lines, which can be fit with many options upon request.

This electrically heated sample lines series AHL are designed for connecting to all Ankersmid sample elements. The heated line ensures that the gas components in the sample stream remain above their dew point and thereby eliminates the risk of condensation. This is a safe way to transport the sample to a heated analyzer or the special Ankersmid coolers. The electrically heated sample lines series AHL X are designed to transport sample gas through an explosive zone type 1 or 2, but not zones type 0.

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