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The new range of AMP pumps are equipped with the patented stress-optimized structured diaphragm, resulting in a durable product of high pneumatic performance and compact size. Special valves ensure minimum resistance to flow. The pumps can be operated by either standard 230VAC, or for ex-proof applications, with a motor with various options on voltages and frequencies.

Ankersmid Diaphragm Pumps are used for the transportation of sample gas in sample conditioning systems in the chemical industry, for environmental applications, and in production technology; some application examples are sampling gases from the ambient environment, exhaust gases and smoke analysis. The AMP pump is easy to install and can be adapted to a variety of process conditions.

The basic construction of the AMP diaphragm gas sampling pumps is simple. An elastic diaphragm is moved up and down by an eccentric (see illustration). On the down-stroke it draws the air or gas being handled through the inlet valve. On the up-stroke the diaphragm forces the medium through the exhaust valve and out

of the head. The compression chamber is hermetically separated from the drive mechanism by the diaphragm. The pumps transfer, evacuate and compress completely oil-free.

  • Ex and non-Ex versions
  • Heated and heat-resistant versions
  • Housing and 'built-in' versions
  • Power: 230/115V, 50/60Hz

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