Air Pollution Products & Systems (APPS) UK Ltd.

- Model MIB - Mobile Independent Boom


The APPS UK Ltd Mobile Independent Boom (MIB) offers a versatile approach to our customers’ needs and is suitably designed to be utilised in remote locations. The MIB is a self-contained trailer mounted nozzle system, complete with a 2000 litre water bowser mounted on a road going galvanised chassis, a compressor and a telescopic mast with an extending boom of which our stainless steel nozzles are mounted too. This standalone unit can suit many applications and can be set up and running with a few minutes.

A typical APPS UK Ltd MIB uses nozzles manufactured from stainless steel and designed to produce a droplet size of 40 micron or less. They are air activated in operation so that when air pressure is fed to the nozzle, it moves a differential pressure piston which uncovers the water inlet duct. When the air supply is stopped, the opposite happens and the water flow is positively cut off.
This prevents wastage of water and Airborne10 and also acts as a self-cleaning mechanism due to the positive cut off action; it also means that only one switch control is required for the on/off procedure of the nozzle array.
The air and water/chemical mix are fed to the nozzles by means of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) tubing using push fit connections where tees, elbows and connections to the nozzles are required.
The air pressure propels the liquid out of the nozzle orifice, producing the absorbent mist.

  • Road going trailer
  • 2000 litre Water Bowser
  • Control Panel
  • Air Compressor and
  • Pump.

  • Life time guarantee (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Air Assisted
  • None drip
  • Cost effective
  • Non-blocking
  • Non-wetting
  • Proportional Dosing System

  • Water Consumption per Nozzle: 5 Litres of Water per Hour
  • Air Volume per Nozzle: 2 CFM
  • Airborne10 Dosage Rate: 0.15 - 2%
  • 303 Stainless Steel: Lifetime Guarantee (subject to exclusive use of Airborne 10)
  • Water Droplet Size: 40 Micron
  • Compressor: 20 CFM - 10bar
  • Water Bower: 2000 Litres
  • Boom Span: 8 Metres
  • Mast Height: 3.5 Metres

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