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Rotary Systems the APPS UK Ltd Rotary Atomiser system is a method of distributing an Airborne10/ water mix into the atmosphere by means of the rotary atomiser. They are located in specific areas as to intercept and absorb a maximum amount of unwanted airborne particulates such as odour, dust and bacteria. A typical APPS UK Ltd Rotary System uses one or more Rotary Atomisers designed to produce a droplet size of 40-70 microns.

They are fan assisted in operation so that a constant air flow is maintained across the Misting Head and around the operating area. The Airborne10 / water flow is regulated, to maintain the required flow rate or misting concentration, specific to the area being treated. This is switched ON/OFF electronically to ensure that the Rotary Head does not drip or leak either during operation or when idle.

The Rotary Atomiser consists of an injection moulded casing which houses the fan and misting head components. It can be suspended or mounted in such a way that the optimum air flow and mist control can be achieved.

A Rotary Atomiser requires water and electricity in order to operate and can be controlled by several different methods such as:

  • Timer
  • Wind Vane
  • Remote Control
  • Laser Line
  • Manual Operation (Electronic)

  • Water Consumption: 10-50 Litres per Hour
  • Airborne10 Dosage Rate: 0.15 - 2%
  • Atomiser Speed: 10, 000 RPM
  • Power: 230v / 110v
  • Current: 5amps
  • Fan: 1370 RPM / 2.354 CFM

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