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- Side-Stream Filtration System


The Aqua-Stream filtration system utilizes side-stream high efficiency (centrifugal) technology to remove solid contaminants and control coliform bacteria in cooling towers. Waterborne deposits and bacteria reduce heat transfer efficiency which increases energy costs, accelerates corrosion, and increases pumping energy due to water flow restriction. In addition to providing high performance solids removal, the Aqua-Stream™ uses a unique EPA-registered antimicrobial filter media, PathShield™ to control and kill bacteria on contact.

Aqua-Stream™ technology usessingle or multiple high efficiency filters configured to meet the sizing (flow rate) requirement for the cooling tower system. When compared to traditional sand filters, Aqua-Stream™ high efficiency filtration achieves high performance by maximizing contact time with the suspended sediment and the filter media. This high efficiency design traps particles at the surface of the media instead of deep within a traditional media bed allowing Aqua-Stream™ to use 50% less backwash water than traditional filters. The Aqua-Stream™ with PathShield media achieves 95% removal of fine suspended solids down to the submicron level (0.5 microns). The antimicrobial PathShield filter media kills bacteria on contact simultaneously with the solids filtration.

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