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  • Aqua-Swirl - Stormwater Treatment System

    Aqua-Swirl - Stormwater Treatment System

    Aqua-Swirl Stormwater Treatment System is a custom engineered, post-construction flow-through water quality device designed to remove coarse sediment, debris and free floating oil by utilizing hydrodynamic separation technology. Aqua-Swirl™ technology is a modular high flow rate treatment system that has no moving parts and operates under gravity flow conditions within a single swirl chamber

  • Aqua-Filter - Stormwater Filtration System

    Aqua-Filter - Stormwater Filtration System

    Aqua-Filter Stormwater Filtration System is a post-construction flow-through water quality device custom designed to remove fine-grained sediment, heavy metals bound to particulate matter and residual oil by utilizing a treatment train approach. AquaFilter technology incorporates a hydrodynamic separation chamber (Aqua-Swirl)   for pretreatment and a separate chamber to provide filtration treatment. Aqua-Filter systems are available in two...

  • Aqua-Stream - Side-Stream Filtration System

    Aqua-Stream - Side-Stream Filtration System

    The Aqua-Stream filtration system utilizes side-stream high efficiency (centrifugal) technology to remove solid contaminants and control coliform bacteria in cooling towers. Waterborne deposits and bacteria reduce heat transfer efficiency which increases energy costs, accelerates corrosion, and increases pumping energy due to water flow restriction. In addition to providing high performance solids removal, the...

  • Go-Filter - Mobile Treatment System

    Go-Filter - Mobile Treatment System

    The Go-Filter Mobile Treatment System is a modular trailer mounted water quality device designed to reduce turbidity levels in discharge waters at construction sites or industrial facilities. Turbidity reduction is accomplished without the use of environmentally harmful flocculants or chemicals. A trash pump mounted on the trailer conveys captured stormwater runoff from an adjacent collection pond, storage vessel, or other water source at a flow rate...

  • AquaShield Makes Maintenance Easy

    AquaShield Makes Maintenance Easy

    An awareness of the importance of maintaining stormwater treatment systems is increasing as many regulatory agencies, environmental groups, and communities are taking notice. AquaShield™ recognizes the importance of regular maintenance in order to continue to protect sensitive receiving waters from a wide variety of pollutants contained in stormwater runoff. We have developed a cost-effective maintenance program to ensure that your system is properly and...

  • Pathex Antimicrobial Filter Media

    Pathex Antimicrobial Filter Media

    AquaShield™ Inc. now offers an innovative technology designed to remove waterborne pathogenic microorganisms by use of an antimicrobial filter medium under flow conditions associated with stormwater runoff. Comprehensive independent laboratory and field tests have confirmed the removal of E. coli and Enterococci. The removal of waterborne pathogens in stormwater runoff is an increasing global priority. In response, A S Filtration™ has developed a...