ATEX Explosionsschutz GmbH

- Spark Detection and Spark Extinguishing System



The ATEX spark detection and spark extinguishing system is based on the use of IR and UV sensors. Flying sparks and moving smoulder spots are immediately identified from their radiation, and appropriate counter-measures are taken. Water extinguishing nozzles, extinguishing barriers and shut-off devices are elements of the system. These prevent the ignition source from being carried onward to at-risk parts of the plant, ensuring continued operation.

  • Reliable detection, even through deposits of dirt or highly-content conveying flows
  • Fast-acting automatic extinguisher consisting of a high-speed solenoid valve and several extinguishing nozzles
  • High pressure extinguishes with a water film within seconds
  • Highly effective in low-brightness areas
  • The highly reliable detection even in areas of high operating temperature through the use of three detectors per alarm system
  • uncomplicated use
  • Detailed information about the hazard location and extinguishing status

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