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Baghouse Filter Systems



We have installed baghouse filter systems in installations for the incineration of both municipal and environmentally hazardous waste in biofuel-fired installations and applications within the mining industry. The primary purpose of baghouse filter systems is usually the removal of dust and, by introducing an additive, the removal of acidic components such as HCl, HF and SO2. Dioxin and mercury can be removed by the addition of activated carbon or coke.

We supply fully dry systems, systems for conditioning (humidifying) flue gases or semi-wet systems in which a lime slurry is atomized upstream in a spray tower.

The installations can be supplied complete with systems for dosing additives and processing waste products.

Our baghouse filters can be installed to advantage as a component in more comprehensive processes that also include scrubbers and systems for energy recovery through flue gas condensation. Such processes enable a reduction in additive consumption and the formation of residual products alike, thus reducing operating costs.

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