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BEL Valves subsea ball valve range serves the broadening requirements of subsea developments. By delivering reliable subsea ball and subsea gate valve alternatives, we are able to deliver the very best solution for the application and provide single source supply to our customers. Our compact design provides a robust and reliable solution for many of the design demands associated with subsea applications.

Why ball valves, the operational benefits. Typically, trunnion mounted ball valve options are suitable for high flow applications to water depths in the region of 4,500 meters. Their concept differs slightly from that of a floating ball configuration in that the ball is held in a fixed position around the ball’s vertical axis at the top and bottom by self-lubricating bearings. The bearings absorb the line pressure load and effectively eliminate any additional pressure on the downstream seat. This is particularly useful when dealing with higher pressure and for larger bore size applications.

As a consequence this type of ball valve is particularly suited to higher pressures, temperature ratings and operating performance with reduction in seat distortion and seat wear.

Lower torque is also an important benefit of trunnion mounted ball valves and may offer as much as one-third to a half of the torque requirement of a floating ball valve, significantly lowering the cost of actuation.

And finally the lower overall height of the subsea trunnion mounted ball valve compared with that of its gate valve equivalent means that where height is critical the ball valve alternative is the solution of choice.

Benefits of BEL Valves Ball Valve design. BEL Valves design an extensive range field proven, qualified ball valves for critical service. In bore sizes from 1 to 36 inches with end or top entry configurations, designed in accordance with all relevant industry codes and standards. The design features metal-to metal sealing, single or double piston effect seats and are available in a range of materials including duplex, super duplex and Inconel to meet specific customer applications.

Qualifications are extensive, as you would expect from a manufacturer with such significant history of supply and include PR2, hyperbaric, 1200 cycle and sand slurry testing.

Although historically known in the industry as an ‘engineer to order’ provider, the move and our drive towards offering standardised designs suits the subsea ball valve range as one design of subsea ball valve and actuator can be used at different water depths. Metal-to-metal seating delivers reliable sealing even at the very highest process temperatures. And conversely, low temperature and cryogenic applications can be accommodated.

BEL Valves has been delivering subsea ball valves solutions into major projects in the UK, Norway, Australia, Egypt, the Ivory Coast, Angola, Canada, India and Brazil since early in 2001.
The range includes large bore, tight shut off, double block and bleed type valves.

  • Top entry or side entry design
  • All welded design
  • Full or reduced bore
  • Flanged, butt weld, compact flange or other proprietary end connections.
  • Double block and bleed
  • Single-Piston-Effect
  • Double-Piston-Effect (Bi-directional Seating System)
  • Metal to metal or soft seated designs
  • Tungsten carbide hardfaced
  • Duplex trim
  • CRA overlays
  • Project specific bores
  • Forged valve bodies designed for Ultra-Deep water
  • Hydraulic, hydraulic spring return, electric, ROV or manual actuation

Materials, specification and approvals. Both valve body and trim are provided in the most suitable materials for the application and unique service conditions. Multiple industry accepted materials are available including carbon and low allow steels, stainless steels, low temperature carbon steel, duplex, super duplex and Inconel. With materials expertise in house we conduct continuous materials improvements to expand our materials range in order to offer the very latest solutions for oil and gas applications.

The primary metal-seated option is tungsten carbide coated to meet specific service conditions. Fully or part clad options are available with non-corrodible weld overlay providing protection to the internal areas of the valve. Valve design is in accordance with the relevant industry codes and standards including API 6DSS, API 17D, API6AV1, ISO 13628 and ISO 14723.

  • High flow rates
  • Severe service
  • Abrasive flow
  • High temperature and high pressure
  • Corrosive environments including High H2S/CO2
  • Deep water
  • Oil, Gas or Water
  • Subsea Isolation SSIV
  • Manifold export and flow lines
  • Pipeline end termination PLET and Manifold PLEM
  • Pig launcher/receiver
  • Emergency shutdown
  • Export flow lines
  • Double isolation

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