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- Model RASCAL - Remote Automated Sample and Calibration



The SmartCEMS Remote Automated Sample and Calibration, or RASCAL, interfaces with the PEMS or DAHS and performs automatic audits and report generation for PS-16 compliant RAAs. The remote calibrator is used with a portable analyzer to provide a complete automated compliance package minimizing maintenance staff and costs for PEMS QA onsite.

The CMC SmartCEM Remote Calibrator has been engineered to be extremely reliable and rugged in its Nema 4X wall mount enclosure. The portable analyzer is located on a shelf below the calibrator. Cylinder gases are plumbed to the calibration solenoids via standard 1/4 inch tubing. Up to eight cylinder gases can be connected to the calibrator. A series of sample lines are also connected to the calibrator from the stack sampling points. Up to eight sample lines are connected and sequenced for auditing multiple sources with one calibrator and portable analyzer.

SmartCEMS Remote Automated Sample and Calibration or CMC's RASCAL is an acceptable regulatory alternative for onsite OA under the existing and proposed U.S. Federal and State regulations, and E.U. where continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) for source emissions compliance are required. The remote calibrator is a compliance tool for CEMS or PEMS.

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