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Cogelme Glass Crusher is installed in the major glass recycling and manufacturing plants in Europe, as well in Australia, Japan, China. Cogelme Glass crusher optimally grinds high volumes of glass bottles and jars with the products inside. It is an ideal solution for glass bottles recyclers, manufactures, food producers, in fact anywhere glass containers, beverage bottles or food jars are a problem. #Glass #Crusher, #Bottles and #containers of glass


Different sizes of Cogelme Glass Crushers can process from 4 to 24 t/h of glass bottles.
Thanks to high efficiency and low operating costs, for many years Cogelme Glass Crusher has been chosen and used by the main European glass bottles recyclers and glass factories.


  • glass bottles are crashed to optimal dimensions required by glass workers
  • 80% of energy savings (compared to hammer crushers) due to installed motorization,
  • which is only 8 KW in the biggest model
  • during crushing, metal caps are detached and can be easily separated with metal separators
  • lower emission of powder
  • ceramics are crushed without being  pulverized and simply separated by optical sorters
  • there is installed a mechanical safety system for not crushable objects

Our experts are ready to provide you with more qualified information. They will guide you through Glass Crushers capabilities for your personal case and make trials with your materials.

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